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Reduce invalid emails and improve Unbounce conversions with ZeroBounce! Leverage the ZeroBounce Unbounce integration and get started with email verification for Unbounce landing pages and websites.

The ZeroBounce Unbounce integration offers you real-time email validation to automatically identify invalid and high-risk email addresses before they can register. Set up custom email validation throttle rules to protect your account from abuse.

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ZeroBounce Unbounce integration features

The Unbounce email verifier integration provides you with everything you need to clean your emails in real-time. Boost the marketing power of your Unbounce landing pages with these features.

Unbounce real-time email validation

Your Unbounce landing pages are one of the best places to capture new leads for your email marketing. But you need a safeguard in place to filter out the low-quality emails and keep the valuable ones.

By adding the ZeroBounce Unbounce integration to your signup and registration forms, ZeroBounce’s email validator will identify the invalid and high-risk emails. Your Unbounce real-time email validation will spot more than 30 email types, including:
  • Valid & invalid emails
  • Catch-all emails
  • Abuse emails
  • Spam traps
  • Disposable emails

Improved Unbounce conversions

When you reduce invalid emails on Unbounce, you’ll get a better view of your landing page performance. This actionable data will help you monitor your content and improve it for greater Unbounce conversions.

Plus - your customers will be alerted when there’s a typo or misspelling in their provided name or email. This will help more customers connect with you and help keep your email list clean and accurate.

Custom throttle rules to prevent abuse

Finally, the ZeroBounce Unbounce integration provides built-in safeguards to protect your account from abuse. Without these, all a visitor needs to do is spam your registration forms to burn through your ZeroBounce email verification credits.

The Unbounce email verifier integration allows you to create custom throttle limits so that you can control how many email verifications occur hourly. You can adjust your throttle limits at any time to ensure only real visitors are using your Unbounce landing pages.

How to use the ZeroBounce Unbounce integration

To reduce invalid emails on Unbounce, get started in three simple steps:
  1. Generate a new API key for your desired Unbounce landing page. You can also customize your throttle settings.
  2. Add the Javascript and API key to your Unbounce landing page.
  3. Enjoy your new Unbounce email verifier!

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Best practices for the Unbounce email verifier

Install on crucial landing pages/signup forms

The primary benefit of the ZeroBounce Unbounce integration is real-time email verification for Unbounce landing pages. Whenever anyone visits your URL and enters their email address, ZeroBounce automatically detects and blocks invalid email addresses.

It’s recommended to use email verification on all registration forms. This act keeps your email list clean and reduces invalid emails on Unbounce without additional effort.

Monitor your usage

Be mindful of how many pages use the Unbounce email verifier. Every time someone enters an email address on a signup form, an email verification check occurs. That’s one ZeroBounce credit deducted for each check.

Check on your Unbounce real-time email validation usage periodically to avoid overusing credits. It’s imperative to do this if your ZeroBounce account is set to purchase and add new credits automatically.

Adjust throttle rules as needed

To protect yourself from overspending credits, use the ZeroBounce Unbounce integration’s throttle rules frequently.

If you notice an unusually high amount of email verification for Unbounce landing pages being used, you can adjust as needed. Setting new throttle rules will restrict the number of attempts that can happen hourly and will keep abuse of your landing page signup forms at bay.

Periodically upload your list for bulk email verification

Even with Unbounce real-time email validation on your side, you should always clean your list in bulk periodically. Once-valid emails may expire with time as people update their accounts or switch companies.

Improve Unbounce conversions with ZeroBounce

The ZeroBounce Unbounce integration is free for all ZeroBounce customers! If you don’t have one, create your free account today to get instant access to the Unbounce email verifier and 100 free monthly email verifications.

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ZeroBounce and Unbounce accounts required