ZeroBounce + ZoHo Sheet

ZoHo Sheet Zapier Integration

As a cloud-based spreadsheet software, ZoHo Sheet helps you better collaborate with your team by creating, editing and sharing spreadsheets in real time.
Now, there’s another real-time tool you can add to your ZoHo Sheet account: the ZeroBounce email checker API. This smart and reliable email checker makes sure you work only with valid and active email addresses. How? By weeding out erroneous and fake accounts, along with temporary, abuse or altogether invalid email addresses.
Hop on over to our Documentation page to get started with this integration!
If you haven’t created a ZeroBounce account yet, wait no more! Not only is it free, but our team will also replenish it with 100 email validation credits every single month.
Use this Zap


New RowTriggers when a new row is created in a specified worksheet.
New or Updated RowTriggers when a new row is added or an existing row is modified in a specified worksheet.
New WorksheetTriggers when a new worksheet is created in a specified workbook.
New WorkbookTriggers when a new workbook is created.


Update RowUpdate a particular row based on its index.
Create RowCreates a new row in the specified worksheet.
Create WorksheetCreates a new worksheet in the specified workbook.
Validate EmailValidates an email.