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Validating and scoring your email list are the first steps to better deliverability. But will all your emails make it to the inbox? Also, is your mail server set up properly? Use our email testing tools to find out – before you press Send.

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Inbox Placement Test

How many of your emails will reach the inbox? With ZeroBounce Test™, we verify mailbox providers around the world and quickly determine the placement or your campaign.

Inbox, spam or missing– you find out within minutes where your email is about to land, so you can adjust for the highest deliverability.

Test Your Inbox Placement in 3 Easy Steps

Build your email

Build your email in MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact or any other email service provider (ESP). Once you’re finished, log into your ZeroBounce account and click on Inbox Placement Tester. Follow the instructions to begin testing.

Choose the mailbox providers

Choose from 20+ international testing addresses. These are the most commonly used email providers. Create your test list in your ESP, populate it, then send your campaign to those addresses. Our system will check these inbox and spam folders so we can deliver your results.

View Your Results

Once your email has landed in the selected mailbox providers, the Inbox Tester returns your results in a matter of minutes. This quick insight helps you identify any issues and consult with your postmaster to find ways to fix them.

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Email Server Test

Get a detailed look into your mail server settings and analyze email headers to ensure your setup is configured correctly. We use header information from your email to run more than 100 mail tests against your mail server configuration. If we find references to additional mail servers in your headers, configuration or DNS records, we'll test those too!

Test Your Mail Server Configuration in 3 Easy Steps

Send a test email

We’ll assign you an email address. Start by sending your email to this address from the mail server you want to test.

Get your results in minutes

You’ll receive your results within minutes and see the warnings and critical settings we detected on your mail server.

Fix potential issues

With this data in hand, you can identify potential issues with your mail server and fix them to increase your inbox placement.

Test your mail server configuration

Get a free mail server test, every month

Our email server testing is second to none.

Header Information

  • Return Path
  • DKIM Signature
  • DomainKey Signature
  • Message ID
  • X-AntiAbuse
  • and more

RFC Based Testing

  • RFC 2045 (MIME)
  • RFC 4406 (Sender ID)
  • RFC 4408 (SPF)
  • RFC 4871 (DKIM)
  • RFC 5322 (Message Format)
  • and more

DNS Records Checks

  • MX Records
  • rDNS PTR Records
  • SPF Records
  • Last Sending Domain
  • A Records
  • and more

Email Port Checks

  • Connection Status
  • Supported Extensions
  • SMTP Banner rDNS
  • SSL Protocol
  • SSL Cipher
  • and more

DMARC Analysis

  • RUA Check
  • RUF Check
  • ADKIM Test
  • DKIM Test
  • and more

Other Tests

  • SPF Alignment
  • DKIM Alignment
  • DMARC Check
  • Author Domain Signing Policy
  • DomainKeys Check
  • and more

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