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ZeroBounce and Email List Verify have one thing in common – they both clean email lists. However, when it comes to features and benefits, the two email verification services are quite different. Let’s take a closer look.

ZeroBounce vs. Email List Verify: which one’s better?

For starters, both email verifiers can detect:

• invalid emails

• some spam traps

• disposable emails

• catch-all emails

However, Email List Verify cannot identify abuse emails. These types of emails belong to users that may flag your campaigns as spam, thus hurting your sender reputation and email deliverability. ZeroBounce can identify these kinds of risky contacts and help you isolate them from your list.

Furthermore, ZeroBounce validates and enhances your email list – at the same time. Apart from spotting bad emails, the service adds missing data to your list. Where available, ZeroBounce appends helpful details such as the name, gender and location of your subscribers. This data makes segmentation and targeting more effective and helps you get more out of your email marketing.

Email List Verify does not provide the same feature.

Which one is more accurate, ZeroBounce or Email List Verify?

ZeroBounce’s email validator is 99% accurate, and that accuracy is backed by a money-back guarantee. Email List Verify promises 99% deliverability for your emails.

Another perk you get with ZeroBounce is access to the catch-all email validation service. Email addresses associated with catch-all domains are impossible to validate the classic route. Some email verifiers will detect them, but none will be able to establish whether they’re valid or not.

ZeroBounce built an email scoring service to further investigate the validity of these contacts. Our scoring system returns a quality score that ranges from 0 to 10 to help you determine which catch-all emails you’ll keep on your list.

Email deliverability tools and customer support

Apart from email verification, both ZeroBounce and Email List Verify offer a few additional tools. ZeroBounce gives you access to:

• an email server tester, so you can check if your mail server’s configurations are correct

• an inbox placement tester that lets you know where your email is going to land (inbox, spam, not delivered)

• a blacklist monitoring tool that runs daily checks against more than 200 blacklists and alerts you if you’re on any of them

On top of that, ZeroBounce launched Activity Data, a feature that gives you further insights into your email list. Once you’ve verified it, you can find out who your most active subscribers are – and target them with a specific campaign.

Finally, customer support: at ZeroBounce, you can connect with a live person, via chat, within seconds. We wanted to see how Email List Verify stacks up, so we tried the chat one afternoon (U.S. Eastern time). Although the chatbox said “Support is online,” we waited and waited, and waited…

Finally, this message popped up:

“Looks like we are taking time to reply. While you wait, want to play a cool game?”

We didn’t have time for games, but you might. Or you may want to get in touch with us – we’re always here to guide you and help you out!

Price per 10,000 email verifications
Email Bounce Detection
Spam Trap Detection
Free deduplication
Data security: Unique key for each file uploaded in the system; military grade encryption algorithm to safeguard all files and personal information.
Email Abuse Detection
Email Data Append
Toxic Domain Detection
Social Append
IP Information Append
Disposable Email Detection
Catch-All Domain Detection
Email Gender Append
24/7 Support
Accuracy Rate
Money-Back Guarantee
Activity Data - "Identify Openers, Clickers, Forwarders and Unsubscribers on your list"

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$24 USD









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