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Emailable is a strong name in the email verification space. But how does Emailable compare to the offerings at ZeroBounce? Check out our detailed comparison guide to learn more about Emailable’s pricing, tools, and features compared to the ZeroBounce email validation platform.

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Email Bounce Detection
Spam Trap Detection
Free deduplication
Data security: Unique key for each file uploaded in the system; military grade encryption algorithm to safeguard all files and personal information.
Email Abuse Detection
Email Data Append
Toxic Domain Detection
Social Append
IP Information Append
Disposable Email Detection
Catch-All Domain Detection
Email Gender Append
24/7 Support
Accuracy Rate
Money-Back Guarantee
iOS app
Email Finder
Activity Data - "Identify Openers, Clickers, Forwarders and Unsubscribers on your list"


Some spam traps







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Emailable offers limited email verification

Emailable can offer a lower cost as it does not identify nearly as many email types as ZeroBounce email validation.

Types of Emails Emailable Identifies

Valid emails

Invalid emails

Risky emails

Unknown results

Their risky category entails disposable emails, accept-all (catch-all) emails, and role-based emails. Emailable defines risky emails as having low quality or low deliverability but does not offer documentation that explains further.

How ZeroBounce outperforms Emailable

ZeroBounce similarly identifies valid and invalid email types with ease. However, it accurately identifies more than thirty email statuses and sub-statuses, clearly explaining what lies on your email list.

Types of Emails ZeroBounce Identifies









ZeroBounce email validation offers more than these descriptors but can help protect your email deliverability.

For example, abuse emails are valid and deliverable but are chronic spam complainers that can negatively impact your sender reputation. Likewise, emailing a spam trap hurts email deliverability and will likely land you on an email blacklist.

Emailable does not identify addresses like abuse emails and most spam traps. These results otherwise go unknown, grouping them with other potentially valuable emails that Emailable’s email verification cannot identify.

What Emailable and ZeroBounce have in common

To conclude our comparison of Emailable and ZeroBounce email verification, let’s list what both can offer you today.

  • Emailable and ZeroBounce remove duplicate email addresses at no additional cost
  • You never receive a charge for “unknown” results
  • Both services provide appended data such as name, gender, domain, and MX records when available

However, when gathering additional information regarding your emails, ZeroBounce has other tools that help them outperform Emailable.

Emailable offers vague email scoring

Like many email verifiers, Emailable will identify catch-all (accept-all) email addresses.

Emailable will identify these as risky (understandably, most email verification services do this). The problem is that it’s not a given that your catch-all emails are all unsafe. You need a way to score those emails with additional data to help you make an educated choice.

Currently, Emailable scores your emails numerically 0-100 but does not provide much insight into how they arrive at these numbers. You’re still left in the dark aside from trusting their judgment that it’s "risky" or "deliverable."

ZeroBounce email verification provides AI Scoring

ZeroBounce was at the forefront of the email validation space when it launched ZeroBounce A.I. in 2018. The email scoring system is beneficial in validating your catch-all emails but can also score other emails on your list.

Before Emailable launched its scoring, ZeroBounce initiated an AI scoring system of 0-10. The AI Scoring service determines these numbers by carefully gauging the historical activity levels of the person using that email address.

In other words, if the email address is highly active (opens emails, forwards, clicks, or unsubscribes), it receives a score of 10. You can email the address confidently, knowing that the recipient user is seeing your content.

Conversely, emails receiving lower scores are inactive or only show sporadic activity. These emails represent those “risky” emails that may or may not see or engage with your email content. A score of 0 indicates that we could not retrieve usage data.

Unlike Emailable, ZeroBounce scoring empowers users to make educated business decisions regarding email marketing. You’ll be able to make the most of your email leads by knowing who’s constantly interacting with their inbox.

Emailable and ZeroBounce customer support comparison

Emailable and ZeroBounce offer 24/7 customer support.

We’ve secretly tested the ZeroBounce support team and observed an immediate response time. It assures customers that their needs will be met no matter where they are. ZeroBounce support extends 24/7 to weekends and holidays globally.

But, credit where credit is due, we messaged Emailable live chat and were connected with an agent immediately. No schedule indicates whether or not their support extends to weekends or holidays worldwide.

Emailable vs. ZeroBounce’s email deliverability toolkit

It’s not enough to simply clean your email list. You must know if the content or email domain configuration issues will stop your emails from hitting the inbox.

Emailable and ZeroBounce offer email deliverability toolkits, including inbox placement and email server tester, which can address issues with SPF, DKIM, DMARC, spam placement, and email blacklists.

Additionally, you can monitor your reputation 24/7 with either Emailable or ZeroBounce’s blacklist checker. Emailable advertises its ability to watch over 120 known blacklists, while ZeroBounce monitors over 200.

The Emailable email verification guarantee

Since ZeroBounce achieved a 99% email verification accuracy guarantee, other brands like Emailable began to follow suit.

Emailable advertises a 99% accuracy guarantee that no more than 1% of your emails will be undeliverable. Credit is given here again; it’s essential to honor your promise to customers when helping with their email list.

The problem, however, circles back to Emailable’s limitations on what types of emails they can identify. The inability to identify more email statuses and sub-statuses means that brands like Emailable will deliver more unknown results. As long as they fairly tag an email address status as “unknown,” they’re fulfilling their promise.

The ZeroBounce 99% accuracy guarantee

ZeroBounce guarantees all customers can expect a 99% accuracy guarantee when using its email verification service.

That doesn’t just mean you’ll see “valid,” “invalid,” and “unknown” results, but that they’ll accurately identify all of those abuse emails, spam traps, toxic domains, and much more. You’ll not only confidently keep your bounce rate low, but you’ll have more significant insights into who and what appears within your email database.

Find new emails with ZeroBounce

Finally, ZeroBounce outperforms Emailable by taking your email marketing further with Email Finder.

Email finder products exist to help you figure out the correct email address for a contact. You might have met someone at a conference and left with just a name and company but no direct point of contact. Email Finder uses those data points to find that person's email address.

However, ZeroBounce’s Email Finder goes the distance by using its email verification services to ensure the emails you find are valid. You can then safely add these to your marketing lists and take advantage of new leads.

Emailable does not offer any similar product. You’ll need to find and pay for an additional service to help you expand your email list safely.

ZeroBounce enhances your email marketing campaigns

ZeroBounce doesn’t stop at email list cleaning. Our toolkit allows you to score emails by activity, improve your database with social and domain information, and test your performance before clicking send. Monitor your reputation 24/7 and look for brand-new email contacts to boost your campaign performance.

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Your security is our top priority

Your data is in our hands. That’s why data security and privacy are ZeroBounce's top priorities.

Emailable lists a general privacy policy, including GDPR compliance. Their other security measures are undefined to the public.

ZeroBounce is GDPR and ISO-27001 certified. We also partner with some of the world’s top cybersecurity teams to continuously test our platform and ensure your data is always secure.

  • SOC 2 Compliant

  • SOC 2
    Type II

  • ISO 27001 Certified

  • HIPAA Compliant

  • GDPR Compliant

  • Data Privacy Framework (DPF)

  • CCPA Compliant

Frequently asked questions

ZeroBounce can identify more email types than Emailable, including more than 30 statuses and sub-statuses. It also offers highly detailed AI Scoring and Activity Data to improve your campaigns and a dedicated email-finding service with email verification.

Emailable categorizes your email verification results as valid, invalid, risky, or unknown. Their risky category includes disposable emails, role-based emails, and accept-all emails. Emailable can also detect spam traps.

By comparison, ZeroBounce identifies more than 30 types of emails, complete with descriptive statuses and sub-statuses.

Both email verification services offer the following similar benefits:

  • Free email deduplication
  • No charges for unknown results
  • Appended social and email domain data, including names, gender, domain, and MX record information

Brands must clean emails to ensure their mailing list contains only valid contacts. Invalid and high-risk contacts lead to bounces, spam complaints, and blacklists. Maintaining a clean email list helps you improve your email campaigns and marketing ROI.