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There are a few key features you want to keep in mind when choosing an email validation service. In this comparison, we looked at what EmailOversight and ZeroBounce have to offer.

Email Oversight’s pricing model operates with monthly plans, and for features such as email gender or name append, there’s an extra charge. ZeroBounce, on the other hand, appends this data automatically to your email addresses, at no additional fee.

On top of that, ZeroBounce allows you to choose between different plans and also, gives you the freedom to pay as you go, depending on your business needs.

Another difference we noticed between the two email checkers is that ZeroBounce weeds out duplicate email contacts for free, as opposed to Email Oversight.

When it comes to accuracy, Email Oversight promises 99.5%. Compared to ZeroBounce’s 98%, it’s higher – but the difference is that ZeroBounce offers a money-back guarantee.

You’ll find all the info you need in the table below – check it out.

Price per 10,000 email verifications
Email Bounce Detection
Spam Trap Detection
Free deduplication
Data security: Unique key for each file uploaded in the system; military grade encryption algorithm to safeguard all files and personal information.
Email Abuse Detection
Email Data Append
Toxic Domain Detection
Social Append
IP Information Append
Disposable Email Detection
Catch-All Domain Detection
Email Gender Append
24/7 Support
Accuracy Rate
Money-Back Guarantee
Activity Data - "Identify Openers, Clickers, Forwarders and Unsubscribers on your list"

$65 USD


$70 USD/month








Comparison as of July 2021

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