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The Biggest Challenge in Email Marketing and How An Email Checker Will Help You Overcome It

Email marketing is on everyone’s lips these days. In 2016, more than 86% of businesses indicated that they were planning to increase their email marketing budgets. Also, 60% of marketers said email generated the highest revenue for their business in 2017.

We believe this year is going to be even more intense for marketers. With the rise of emailing activity, they will also have significant difficulties to overcome. There is one big challenge in email marketing, in particular, that requires special attention and preventive measures: email deliverability. See how using an email checker can help you get your emails to the inbox.

Fixing email marketing challenges

In the busy landscape of email marketing, businesses are spending a good chunk of their budgets on creating outstanding marketing emails. Every little detail matters. The subject line, the content, and the graphic design are all aspects that determine your open rates and, ultimately, your sales. But, before we even think about open rates or click-through rates, let’s talk about how we can land our emails into our subscribers’ inboxes in the first place.

With more than 78% of businesses prioritizing their email marketing in 2018, email verification is becoming a necessary tool for marketers everywhere.

You’re already studying your campaigns reports. You probably want to see how many of your subscribers have clicked on your email and how your content has performed. Those reports also offer a detailed overview of your bounce rates. That is, the number of emails that never reached your audience successfully, without being marked as spam. The goal of every marketer is to keep their bounce rates as low as possible. But, that’s not just going to happen without a little bit of effort. Enter: the email checker.

Clean your email list

Delivarability is the greatest challenge in email marketing. But, as the saying goes, for every problem there is a solution, and ZeroBounce offers the most efficient one. Using an email checker is the first step to ensure that your marketing campaigns are safely arriving in your subscribers’ inboxes.

A good email checker will remove invalid addresses from your list. Also, it will eliminate spam traps, toxic and catch-all domains, known email complainers and other threats that are putting your sender reputation at risk. A thorough email list hygiene is essential in the success of your campaigns, as it will boost your deliverability and connect you with your customers.

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Other things to keep in mind:

  • Keep a steady sending rhythm, but avoid sending to many emails. Did you know there are companies that email their customers twice a day? Just imagine their unsubscribe rates…
  • Speaking of your audience’s option to unsubscribe: make it easy for them, as much as you don’t like to see them leave.
  • Set up an automatic welcome email for every new subscriber, to introduce yourself and start a conversation.
  • Consider using double opt-in. This means that after people choose to subscribe to your newsletters, they will automatically receive a link they have to click on in order to confirm their subscription.
  • Stop sending to recipients that are not engaging with your content. Actually, we recommend you to remove them from your list. Lack of engagement is not a good sign for Internet Service Providers and can even lead to your emails being blocked.

If you wish yo find out more about how to boost your email deliverability, read our free guide on the topic!