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Infographic: How to Improve Your Email List Quality after Using an Email Verifier

For those of you who want to keep a thorough email hygiene, using an email verifier is the first step in the email list cleaning process. It removes bad leads from your database, along with risky email addresses, such as spam traps, catch-all, disposable or abuse emails.

But if you’ve visited our website recently, you’ve probably noticed that we launched an even more powerful tool to assess your email list quality. The system is called ZeroBounce A.I. and many of our customers are using it to learn more about their email hygiene.

As the name suggests, ZeroBounce A.I. is based on artificial intelligence. It scans and determines the quality of the email addresses in your database. So, after you’ve run your list through our email verifier, you can use it to get a clearer picture on how valuable your leads are.

Here is what ZeroBounce A.I. can do for you:


ZeroBounce A.I. is a separate service, but it works similarly to our email verifier. You just upload your email list on our platform and let the system score your leads. The results may surprise you: emails you thought had great potential may not be as good. And some of the catch-all emails you were going to delete from your database may prove to be valuable contacts.

Want to learn more about ZeroBounce A.I.? Read about it here or get in touch with us, we’d love to show you how it works!

Curious about our email verifier?

If this is your first time using ZeroBounce, there are some amazing features you should know about! Our email verifier is a complex system that will turn things around for your company. Whether you’re an email marketer, a real estate broker, or someone who has an online business, email verification is essential.


Because you can’t afford to use invalid and fake email addresses. Also, sending campaigns and newsletters to spam traps, abuse, disposable and catch-all emails will negatively impact your sender reputation. But ZeroBounce can take your list and weed out all these risky contacts. Furthermore, it enriches your database by adding information about your subscribers. Their first and last name, their gender and location are important details that will help you target your emails towards the right people.

Ready to give it a try? You can register today and get 100 email verification credits on the house!