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Real-Time Email Verifier, at Your Fingertips! We Integrated with Rapid API

If you’re looking for a real-time email verifier, we’ve got you covered. ZeroBounce has recently integrated with Rapid API to make our system available to you on the largest platform of its kind. With a hassle-free pricing plan, the new integration streamlines your ability to use the API through some neat, built-in features.

With over 8,000 APIs available and over 500,000 active developers, Rapid API is the world’s most popular API marketplace. Why is it convenient for so many? Because it allows you to manage your API integrations from one place, while giving you constantly updated insight on your metrics.

Now, you can access the ZeroBounce real-time email verifier directly from your Rapid API account.

The integration comes with a Freemium account option, which guarantees you 100 free credits every month. Once you use them, you can continue to operate your account on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Here are the perks of using our email verifier through Rapid API:

  • through Rapid API, you can discover useful APIs and connect them faster
  • you get to manage all of them from one single platform
  • the billing for all the APIs you use are all organized in one place
  • you receive great customer support from an excellent team of developers

What does the API do?

In a nutshell, it keeps your email list clean by preventing unwanted email addresses from signing up. When it comes to functionality, our real-time email verifier provides the same features on the Rapid API platform.

  • real-time email verification at the point of registration
  • covers over 30 status and sub-status codes, such as invalid, catch-all, role based, or disposable
  • recently added features: suggested corrections for misspelled email addresses, domain age detection, free email flag, primary MX record, and more

The integration doesn’t allow the use of our bulk email verification API.

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Speed? Verify emails in a matter of seconds

The ZeroBounce API has an average response time of 1 to 5 seconds. If the system encounters a slow mail server or one with a grey-listing algorithm, the result will be unknown. But we never charge you for unknown results, and you can always validate those addresses by using our bulk email verifier.

Email verification smoothes your path to the inbox

With email marketing becoming such a common practice, businesses not only face crowded inboxes, but also email deliverability challenges. If your bounce rate concerns you, it may be time for a good email list cleaning. You can easily upload your database on our platform, and our system will take care of it.

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Also, installing an API on your website to verify emails in real time ensures a better email hygiene. The benefits are immediate:

  • the system eliminates erroneous and fake email addresses
  • a great email hygiene improves your sender reputation
  • your email deliverability sees a boost right away

Now, thanks to our Rapid API integration, you can add ZeroBounce to your suite of favorite APIs and make the most of your email marketing campaigns.