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Joyce Morrell, RapidAPI: “Change Brings New Opportunities and New Markets”

Joyce Morrell is a Provider Success Lead at RapidAPI, the world’s largest API hub. In this interview, we talked about the most exciting parts of her job and found out what makes RapidAPI different from other marketplaces. Also, Joyce emphasized how important it is to adapt to industry changes and stay relevant.

Enjoy our interview with Joyce Morrell of RapidAPI!

Joyce, what is your background and how did your collaboration with RapidAPI start?

My background includes growing and managing partner and developer ecosystems at companies including HashiCorp, Samsung SmartThings, Splunk, Livescribe, Tapwave and Palm.

I joined RapidAPI in late May 2019 and I’m excited to work with our API Providers to make them successful.

How have your professional experiences shaped the person you are today?

I’ve been working with partners my entire career. My experiences have spanned small start-ups, mid-size and large companies. I enjoy enabling and engaging with our partners so they can have the best experience working with us. We love to see them being successful on our platform and growing our businesses together. 

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What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in your industry, in the past few year?

I’ve seen so many changes in the industry… The move to mobile, the move to cloud, the explosive growth in APIs. You have to stay nimble and adapt to changes. Change brings new opportunities and new markets.

What does RapidAPI do that no other platform does?

We are the world’s largest API Marketplace with 8,000 APIs, billions of API calls/month, 500k+ developers.

There are quite a few API directories and gateways out there able to solve for various challenges around API consumption and management. However, we’re truly a single hub for developers to discover, test, connect and monitor/govern API consumption. This all happens at large scale – both for internal API consumption (RapidAPI for Teams) and external (the RapidAPI Marketplace).

At this very moment — Web Search, Skyscanner Flight Search, API-Football, spoonacular Nutrition, Recipe, and Food API, Open Weathers Map, musiXmatch.

We are constantly updating our list of popular APIs on our Marketplace. Some verticals are always popular as they’re needed in most applications. To illustrate: SMS, Email, and various data APIs (some mentioned above).

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What do you think about the way brands use email marketing and what role does email verification play in this space?

Email marketing is a great, affordable tool for generating leads. It allows you to combine with other media for maximum impact. Furthermore, it helps you build a more intimate – thus stronger – relationship with your audience. Of course, it takes effort, but I see many brands that are willing to put in that effort because it pays off.

For example, business owners are becoming more aware that they need high-quality data if they want their programs to perform. You can’t succeed with a messy email list. For this reason, they seek out tools to help them enhance email hygiene and boost their results.

Email verification is critical for email marketers. It’s the most efficient way for them to maintain sender reputation. As a result, they see higher delivery and open rates, and improve their chances to convert. All great brands work towards these goals.

What about your job do you enjoy the most?

I’m passionate about working with partners to drive mutual success and expand our ecosystem. Also, I really enjoy seeing all the cool things that partners build using our platform.

If you had to recommend three digital marketing strategies for 2019, what would they be?

The strategies that I’ve seen my partners be successful with include email marketing, SEO and social media. Recently, I’ve seen video marketing on the rise, as well. The most impactful videos are short clips that highlight a customer use case that is solved by the integration of the partner and our offerings. It’s about telling a compelling story.

email list verification
Access our real-time email verifier from your RapidAPI account

Recently, we partnered with RapidAPI to make our real-time email verifier more easily accessible to you. Thanks to our integration, you can set up our API in a matter of minutes and enjoy the benefits.

Here’s what the ZeroBounce API does for you:
  • it prevents bad signups, such as bot-created emails, catch-all, temporary or abuse emails.
  • when a new user makes a typo, the API suggests a correction, so you can gather only valid email addresses.
  • also, it can reject certain signups based on the age of the domain.
  • the API has a fast response time – between one and five seconds.

Once you set it up on your signup and registration forms, the API ensures you gather accurate data. As Joyce was saying in the interview, the quality of your email list is what’s going to help you build a successful email marketing program.