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Meet Our Team: Anca, Laura and Mirela Talk About Customer Success

We’ve published many articles on this blog, on topics ranging from email marketing, branding, writing and, of course, email verification. We have never introduced you to our team, though. ZeroBounce now has 23 employees, working from our offices around the world. Today you are going to meet three of them: Anca Vasile, SEO and Support Specialist; Laura Comsa, Customer Success; and Mirela Dumitru, Sales and Customer Success. 

They are working from our office in Bucharest, Romania, and take care of dozens of customers every day. What are the challenges and satisfactions of having a job like theirs? Here is what they say!


Anca Vasile

What is the most rewarding aspect of your Customer Success job at ZeroBounce?

Anca Vasile: The most pleasant aspect of my job at ZeroBounce is that I made progress and learned new things that I never thought I’d learn. I interact with people every day and I can help them solve their problems. Customer success brings me great satisfaction.

Laura Comsa: The most rewarding thing for me it is that I do something I really enjoy. Helping people gives me a purpose to become better at what I do. At the end of the day, it feels good to know that I managed to help everyone I interacted with. My job is very rewarding because I get to do something good every day.

Mirela Dumitru: I love my job because working with people can be a challenge, and every challenge gives you a chance to improve. No day is the same, which is pretty awesome! Also, our team is very motivated and that makes me want to be better today than I was yesterday.


Laura Comsa

What have you found to be the best strategy in dealing with an unhappy customer?

Anca Vasile: I have found that the best strategy is to keep my calm. No matter what the approach of the customer is, I need to be respectful. Our attitude speaks for our company.

Laura Comsa: The best strategy, in my opinion, is to stay calm and focused on solving the issue as quickly as possible. Being polite and giving customers the best solution is our main goal.

Mirela Dumitru: It’s not really a strategy, I would call it my way of solving a problem: patience. Of course, what matters the most is my knowledge and ability to help a customer. But patience is a virtue I find very important in these situations.


Mirela Dumitru

What has your job taught you about people?

Anca Vasile: What I’ve learned about people since I’ve started this job is that, fortunately, we are all different! And that every human being has their capacity to perceive, understand and accept a situation.

Laura Comsa:
If someone is having a bad day, it will probably reflect on their attitude. People often run out of patience. The positive part is that, if you are helpful, kind and polite, that attitude can change within minutes. Helping someone solve an annoying problem will not only make their day better, but yours, too. Give kindness and you will receive kindness. It’s a principle that will always stand.

Mirela Dumitru: Working at ZeroBounce has given me the opportunity to analyze human behavior closely. People have different personalities and different ways of expressing themselves. There are all kinds of issues that can occur, and we each react to them differently. But I’ve learned that if you are passionate about your job and you genuinely want to help, customers will feel your positive vibe and will respond in the same manner.


You can learn more about our Customer Success team by visiting our LinkedIn page. We have more Q&As to come – stay tuned! In the meantime, if you’re looking for a useful resource, here is our guide to improve email deliverability! You can also give our email verifier a try for free!