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Meet Our Team! Laura Comsa: “Email Marketing and Email Verification Go Hand in Hand”

How important is email verification to your overall email marketing performance? Our Customer Support specialist Laura Comsa believes the two go hand in hand.

Laura has been with ZeroBounce for a long time and has helped hundreds of our clients. We invited her to do this interview where she talks about her job, the growing need for email verification, and how much it serves marketers.

Enjoy our interview with Laura!

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What would you say is the nicest thing about working in Customer Support?

I think it’s the opportunity to interact with different people from all over the world, and help them streamline the email verification process.

Have you ever had any significant challenges while helping our customers? How did you handle them?

Sure, but they’re part of our job and only make things more interesting!

Our email verification system is intuitive, but some of our customers have more complicated technical issues. So, sometimes, we may feel a bit of pressure because we want everyone to be happy with the service.

I strive to come up with the best and fastest solution. If that doesn’t work, our developers jump in and always work their magic.

What’s the one quality someone needs to have if they want to do what you do?

That one quality is patience.

Things aren’t always going to flow easily. And you have to accept that it may take some time to solve more complicated issues.

However, there’s something fun about these challenges – encountering a more complex situation is what makes the job more exciting.

What differentiates the ZeroBounce Customer Support team from others?

The number one thing that differentiates us from others is that we’re always here if our clients need us. Wherever you may be on the globe, a member of the Customer Support team is going to jump on chat or on the phone with you. Email verification can be easy if you’ve got the right people to help you out!

Then, I think what makes us stand out is that we really give our best to satisfy our clients. We are 100% in, all the time.

If you had to choose an email verification service, what features would interest you the most?

Well, I’d pay attention to the accuracy they guarantee, to how safely they handle my data, and the pricing, of course.

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How do you see email marketing evolving?

From what we can all see, email marketing is growing at a fast pace. The beautiful thing is that businesses of all sizes can seize its potential. There are no limitations. So, I think more and more companies are going to start using email to keep in touch with their customers.

Also, email marketing and email verification go hand in hand, and that’s only going to become more evident. Our industry is evolving quickly, as well. The more companies practice email marketing, the more they realize they can’t succeed without a clean email list.

And that’s what ZeroBounce is here for: to help them succeed by providing the best email verification system there is. I’m so excited to be part of this!

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What other things excite you, when you’re not at work?

There’s nothing unusual that I do in my spare time. I read, I watch television, and I love to spend time at home with my boyfriend and our cat. With a cat like mine, I don’t have to go out too much for entertainment!

Find out more about Laura by visiting her LinkedIn profile!

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