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Cyber Monday Bonus? Yes! 13% Extra Email Validation Credits

Did you think we had nothing in store for you this Cyber Monday? Of course we do! Your search for email validation just got a lot better. 

We’re extending our Black Friday promo by offering you 13% Cyber Monday bonus credits on every purchase you make. For example, if you buy 5 Million email validation credits, we’ll add 650,000 credits to that as a gift. Your constant support means a lot to us, so we’ve planned this gift as a way to say “thank you.”

The promo runs Monday, November 26, from 12:00 AM (U.S.A. EST) to 11:59 PM (U.S.A. EST).

By now, your inbox and social media channels must be full of Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions from all the brands you subscribed to. Many companies have offered significant sales, so what did you buy on Friday?

If your email list cleaning is due soon, Cyber Monday is now the best time to stock up on email validation credits. As soon as you create an account with ZeroBounce, you receive 100 free credits. But in case you need more, it’s worth taking advantage of our Cyber Monday bonus!

When can I use my Cyber Monday credits?

Anytime you want, as your credits never expire! Once they’re in your account, they’re yours forever, so you can make sure your list is clean before every campaign. Also, the great news is you can use your Cyber Monday credits for either email validation, or email scoring – whatever you need!

This is how our email validation system maintains your email hygiene:

@ removes bad email addresses from your list: dormant, misspelled, or simply fake contacts

@ isolates catch-all and abuse emails, both risky to your email deliverability

@ weeds out spam traps, temporary and role based email addresses

@ improves your sender reputation, which is crucial to your email marketing success

@ promotes a healthy and transparent way for you to stay in touch with your subscribers

What about email scoring?

ZeroBounce A.I. is an innovative email scoring system that we launched this year to offer you a clearer picture of your email hygiene. Its algorithm, powered by artificial intelligence, gives you valuable feedback on your email list quality.

Thus, ZeroBounce A.I. scans your database, analyzes every contact and returns a quality score for each. The higher the score – they range from 0 to 10 – the better the lead.

email validation

When it comes to credits, things are simple: our email scoring platform uses the same system as the email validation one. Just as you do when you clean your list, you upload your database on the platform, and ZeroBounce A.I. will score it for you, using credits from your balance. So, you can use your Cyber Monday credits on validating or scoring your list – your choice.

One disclaimer we have to make, to ensure things run smoothly tomorrow: we will apply the Cyber Monday credits to customer accounts within 24 hours after you make the purchase.

Your guide to email deliverability

We’d like to leave you with a great (and free) resource to help you get your emails in your subscribers’ inboxes. Our email geeks at ZeroBounce created The Complete Guide to Email Deliverability, which has been of tremendous help for many of our customers. You can read it here!

How many email validation credits are you getting this Cyber Monday?

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