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Here Is How Zapier Helps You Connect Our Email Verifier to Your Favorite Apps

You already know how easy ZeroBounce is to use – both our real-time and bulk email verifier are a few clicks away, ready to take care of your lists. But what if you could instantly connect our system to all of the other apps you use, and automate your workflows? Thanks to our recent Zapier integration, setting up these automated processes has become a lot easier.

Our engineers have been working hard to make our email verifier available to you on some of the most popular platforms in the world. The ZeroBounce – Zapier integration is a new addition to our suite of solutions, and it’s live now to make your business better.

Email verification in your Zapier account

With email validation becoming a standard for digital marketers, we wanted you to have faster access to a reliable system. Zapier allows you to connect ZeroBounce with over 1,000 apps, including services you use in your email marketing and CRM. The connection happens instantly and doesn’t require any coding experience.

“Zapier is a tool that really comes in handy. There are so many amazing tools out there, and with implementing a variety of them comes great complexity. You want to get them all to play nice with one another,” says our Operations Manager Brian Minick.

“I hear this a lot: we need this tool to talk to that tool. Zapier is an API integration hub that lets non-developers integrate data with common tools. There are well over 1,000 major apps integrated with Zapier and we’re proud to say ZeroBounce is one of them,” Brian adds.

Zapier email verification

How does our email verifier work inside Zapier?

It works precisely as if you’d access it on our platform – you get the same features, such as catch-all, misspelled, temporary, or abuse emails detection. The difference is that, instead of having to access several portals for your activities, you can use your apps on one single platform.

Zapier specialists explain how the ZeroBounce email verifier works inside their platform. Their system combines:

  • triggers – in this case, a new subscriber signing up for your emails


  • actions – like validating that new subscriber’s email address.

When the trigger occurs in one app – let’s say MailChimp, Zapier tells ZeroBounce to validate that new email address, so you know you’re gathering only valid leads. Zapier and ZeroBounce perform these tasks automatically, as the apps run in the background, without interrupting your routine.

Zapier is your answer

We asked Brian to give us another example of how the new integration helps busy marketers and business owners. “If you find the need to integrate ZeroBounce with your production tools – such as your own database, SalesForce, or even something like Google Sheets – Zapier is your answer.

Here’s an example: let’s say you have a registration form feeding new contacts into your CRM system (Copper CRM, for example) and you want to validate the email address of the new registrant. You could setup a Zap that looks for new CRM contacts; when it finds a new one, it will validate your contact using ZeroBounce. Then, you can use the ZeroBounce data to go back and update the CRM records for a custom field listed as zb_status with the ZeroBounce result.

All of our API data is available via Zapier. How you wish to use it is completely up to you. That’s the beauty,” adds Brian Minick.


Ready to give it a try? Sign into your Zapier account and find ZeroBounce to see how easy it is to keep your data clean.