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Looking to compare ZeroBounce vs. NeverBounce? Check out this comprehensive guide for a complete list of tools, features, and pricing to determine which email validation system is best for your business.

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Price per 100k email verifications
Credit expiration
Email Bounce Detection
Spam Trap Detection
Free deduplication
Data security: Unique key for each file uploaded in the system; military grade encryption algorithm to safeguard all files and personal information.
Email Abuse Detection
Email Data Append
Toxic Domain Detection
Social Append
IP Information Append
Disposable Email Detection
Catch-All Domain Detection
Email Gender Append
24/7 Support
Accuracy Rate
Money-Back Guarantee
iOS app
Email Finder
Activity Data - "Identify Openers, Clickers, Forwarders and Unsubscribers on your list"

$390 USD

no expiration


$400 USD

1 year









Comparison as of January 2024

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ZeroBounce has become a G2 Email Verification Software Spring Leader for 2024.
ZeroBounce is a proud Email Verification Software category Momentum Leader for G2 for the Spring of 2024.
ZeroBounce earned a G2 badge for Best Usability product in the Usability Index rating in the Email Verification category.
ZeroBounce earned a G2 badge for Best Relationship in the Email Verification category.

ZeroBounce vs. NeverBounce pricing comparison

Both ZeroBounce and NeverBounce are prominent names in the email validation space. But we know pricing is often the major decider when choosing the right email list cleaning tool for your company.

Businesses can verify countless email addresses at a comparable rate at this credit quantity.

However, if you’re a large-scale enterprise and need even more email verifications, ZeroBounce offers custom enterprise plans tailored to your company's needs.

Your ZeroBounce credits never expire as compared to NeverBounce’s credits, which expire after one year.

Register your email, get credits, and try the email validator yourself.

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What types of emails does NeverBounce identify?

When you run your email list through NeverBounce’s email verifier, you’ll be able to identify the following types of emails quickly: valid and invalid emails, disposable, catch-alls, and spam traps.

NeverBounce will also tag accept-all emails and unknown results as either “SAFE” or “NOT SAFE” to send based on your email list health and current email service provider (ESP).

What ZeroBounce’s email validator identifies vs. NeverBounce

At a similar pricing point to NeverBounce, ZeroBounce identifies additional email status types and several more sub-status descriptions to help you better understand your email list health.

ZeroBounce will also fill in descriptive data for your email addresses when available. This can include name, gender, geographic location, and IP information.

ZeroBounce appends this data to your report at no additional cost to assist you with better segmentation and targeting for your email campaigns.

Free deduplication at ZeroBounce and NeverBounce

Keeping duplicate email addresses in your list wastes resources and can burn bridges with subscribers.

If you accidentally send the same email twice to the same person, there’s a greater likelihood they’ll hit the “mark as spam” button. You’ll struggle to deliver more emails when those spam complaints stack up.

Neither ZeroBounce nor NeverBounce will allow you to take this chance and offer free deduplication when you use either email list cleaner.

How accurate is NeverBounce’s email verifier?

NeverBounce declares to its customers that it can provide 99% successful email deliverability. If you continue to bounce emails with a bounce rate higher than 3%, you can receive your money back.

ZeroBounce also offers 99% accuracy. Try the service beyond the initial 100 free monthly credits without any budgetary risk.

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ZeroBounce vs. NeverBounce integration comparison

ZeroBounce and NeverBounce allow you to take their email verifiers anywhere with easy-to-use API integration.

Each email validation platform provides you with a unique API key, which allows you to send verification requests and registration forms automatically from your favorite websites.

Both platforms offer a significant range of third-party integrations via the dashboard or Zapier. ZeroBounce integrates with popular platforms such as Salesforce, Constant Contact, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Shopify, and many more.

Additional ZeroBounce features

Both Zerobounce and NeverBounce offer a highly-accurate email verifier with a money-back guarantee.

While we know that ZeroBounce can identify more types of emails, what else puts the platform ahead of its competitor, NeverBounce?

Activity Data gives you insights about your subscribers

Need additional info to fine-tune your targeting?

ZeroBounce’s Activity Data has you covered. It’s a tool that gives you insights into your subscribers’ email activity to discover who’s most active in their email inbox.

Activity Data checks which of your subscribers has opened, clicked, forwarded, or unsubscribed from an email. Then, it places that action into a timeframe of 30 to 365 days to determine when the last activity occurred.

When you need an email campaign to convert, you can use Activity Data to narrow down who’s been active recently.

ZeroBounce can score your catch-all emails

Catch-all, or accept-all emails, can be a dilemma.

These emails are technically valid but are often a high risk to use. Companies and organizations use these addresses to help capture incoming emails to their domain sent to invalid addresses.

The problem is that spammers take advantage of this knowledge. Catch-alls often end up being little more than spam havens that go unattended. However, some companies monitor and maintain their catch-all addresses, making them safe emails for your campaigns.

NeverBounce simply marks accept-all emails as either “SAFE” or “NOT SAFE.” They use this descriptor based on whether or not you own a dedicated email server or use a third party. It doesn’t give you data about the address itself.

ZeroBounce provides AI-driven email scoring that can investigate the activity levels of an email address. Your emails, including catch-alls, receive a score from 0-10, with the highest scoring indicating healthy activity levels. You can use this data to determine if it’s worth emailing your catch-all contact.

Track your reputation with blacklist monitoring

In addition to keeping your email list clean, it’s essential to monitor your reputation. NeverBounce does not allow users to monitor their reputation regarding email blacklistings. You must use an additional service to stay up-to-date with any reputation concerns.

ZeroBounce offers various email blacklist monitoring packages to suit your brand’s needs. Monitor your domain, subdomain, IPv4 addresses, IPv6 addresses, or all of the above to stay on top of your email health.

ZeroBounce provides mobile email verification

ZeroBounce is the only reputable email verification company that allows you to clean emails with your phone or tablet.

With the iOS app, you’ll reap all the benefits listed on this page from anywhere. You can verify emails, clean your list, manage your API, update integrations, and more.

NeverBounce limits itself to the desktop experience.

Depend on 24/7 customer support

No matter how experienced you are with email verification, a little help goes a long way.

That’s why ZeroBounce makes it a priority to offer customer service 24/7 so that you always have an email expert on your side. ZeroBounce customer support applies to weekdays, weekends, and holidays - no matter what. They can answer questions about the service, your account, and even provide tips on improving your emails.

You can also reach out via live chat, phone, or email.

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ZeroBounce is more than an email validation service

ZeroBounce cleans your email list, scores it, and enhances it by adding missing data.

Unlike NeverBounce, we take your email campaigns further with our email testing and blacklist monitoring tools that work together to help you land in the inbox reliably.

Founded with headquarters in Santa Barbara, CA, plus offices in Romania.

We’re serious about security and privacy

Your financial and email data security is everything to us. From day one, we not only wanted to provide the world’s most reliable and accurate email validator but also to provide your organization with military-grade security. Customers tell us it gives them great peace of mind knowing that, while they scrub their lists, their data is safe.

ZeroBounce proudly declares GDPR, SOC 2, ISO 27001, and PCI compliance. We also partner with some of the world’s best cybersecurity partners, such as CyberSmart Defense, Hacker1, Okta, and others, to ensure your data, financial information, and other sensitive data are always secure.

  • SOC 2 Compliant

  • SOC 2
    Type II

  • ISO 27001 Certified

  • HIPAA Compliant

  • GDPR Compliant

  • Data Privacy Framework (DPF)

  • CCPA Compliant

Frequently asked questions

NeverBounce’s latest update reports that it can validate emails with 99% accuracy. ZeroBounce also offers validation with a 99% accuracy guarantee or your money back.

The cost of both ZeroBounce’s and NeverBounce’s email verification tools is tightly competitive and will offer an affordable plan to any user. However, ZeroBounce provides all users, including free, 100 email validation credits monthly to keep lists clean and demo its tools.

ZeroBounce offers affordable, accessible email verification to all users by providing free credits to all registered users. It provides the most accurate email validation at a guaranteed 99% accuracy while identifying more harmful email types, including abuse emails, do-not-mail address types, and catch-all domain scoring. It also offers 24/7, year-round customer support by phone, email, and live chat for your benefit.

Identifies more email statuses, including abuse emails, toxic domains, global suppression lists, and more

  • Activity Data - insights into your subscriber activity for better campaign targeting
  • Catch-all Scoring - score your catch-all emails and make informed decisions about your list
  • Blacklist monitoring - monitor your reputation and get automatic alerts
  • 24/7 customer support

ZeroBounce never locks you into any contracts. You can enjoy your free credits, add new credits on the fly with our Pay-As-You-Go options, or get new credits automatically monthly with a monthly subscription. You can cancel at any time - for any reason.