ZeroBounce vs. Verifalia

Thinking of using Verifalia or ZeroBounce as your email verifier? Both platforms offer an email cleaning solution, but the customer experience differs significantly. Check out our comprehensive guide below to determine the best email cleaner for your business.

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Price per 100k email verifications
Email Bounce Detection
Spam Trap Detection
Free deduplication
Data security: Unique key for each file uploaded in the system; military grade encryption algorithm to safeguard all files and personal information.
Email Abuse Detection
Email Data Append
Toxic Domain Detection
Social Append
IP Information Append
Disposable Email Detection
Catch-All Domain Detection
Email Gender Append
24/7 Support
Accuracy Rate
Money-Back Guarantee
iOS app
Email Finder
Activity Data - "Identify Openers, Clickers, Forwarders and Unsubscribers on your list"

$390 USD


$389 USD








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ZeroBounce vs. Verifalia pricing comparison

The price point is typically a deciding factor for a significant B2B decision. Let’s begin by looking at the pricing structures offered by Verifalia and the typical cost you can expect to pay per email verification.

Verifalia offers a unique pricing structure compared to ZeroBounce. Users can create a free account and gain 25 credits to clean emails daily. You can purchase additional credit packs in set quantities to add more credits to your balance.

The issue is that a free account provides the bare minimum features. It does not provide firewall protection, security, multifactor authentication, faster speeds, or 99.9% uptime SLA.

Furthermore, Verifalia charges you four credits per email verification to get the best results possible. However, you can use only one or two credits per email to clean emails at a lower quality.

Any free credits expire every 24 hours. You must use them or lose access to your daily credits.

ZeroBounce simplifies the process of paying for email verification.

You’ll never need to sign up for monthly subscriptions or lock yourself into any contracts. Select the number of credits you want; they’re yours forever. They’ll never expire.

Here’s what’s crucial - every ZeroBounce user, including freemium accounts, enjoys the same email verification experience.

1 credit per email verification (99% accuracy guaranteed)

Maximum uptime provided by Cloudflare

Military-grade security, identity protection, and encrypted downloads

Faster speeds (ZeroBounce verifies 100,000 emails in 45 minutes; Verifalia takes 60 mins to verify 10,000 emails)

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What types of emails can Verifalia identify?

Verifalia can verify multiple email types to help keep your email list clean. However, you’ll need to pay more credits per email verification to be confident of your results. There’s less certainty with the cheaper option, and you’re more likely to get no result or unknown results due to greylisting technology.

Verifalia can help identify the following email types:

Types of Emails Verifalia Identifies







What ZeroBounce’s email verifier identifies

ZeroBounce runs a comprehensive and complete verification check for all your emails and can identify more than 30 email statuses and sub-statuses.

Types of Emails ZeroBounce Identifies









You can check out the complete list of statuses you can discover when you clean emails with ZeroBounce instead of Verifalia.

Verifalia and ZeroBounce offer appended email data, including email domain, mx, DNS, and IP information. However, ZeroBounce also provides additional email marketing targeting data such as name, gender, and location.

Eliminate duplicates free with Verifalia or ZeroBounce

Having duplicate email addresses on your email list is frustrating for two reasons.

First, you can end up with multiple charges just to verify the same email multiple times. Second, emailing the same contact multiple times is an excellent way to rack up some unnecessary unsubscribes from your email list.

You can benefit from free deduplication whether you choose Verifialia or ZeroBounce. We’ll detect any repeat addresses and remove them from your list before the email verifier begins the process.

How accurate is Verifalia’s email verifier?

Lower pricing is excellent, and more comprehensive reporting is even better. But both are only worthwhile if you can trust the accuracy of your email verifier.

Verifalia claims to offer definitive results when you spend more credits (2 or 4 per email) to clean your email list. They report themselves as being the only email verifier to be able to handle slow or unresponsive email servers or anti-spam prevention tactics.

ZeroBounce provides 99% accuracy - a money-back guarantee

However, ZeroBounce offers 99% accuracy with its email verifier - a promise we guarantee. In other words, if your bounce rate is too high after cleaning your emails, you will receive all your money back and keep your credits.

ZeroBounce can identify more than 30 email types, including several that Verifalia will not identify. Our email verifier also uses anti-greylisting technology, which allows us to overcome common email checker issues such as spam prevention or slow responses.

You will only lose your credit if we get a definitive result. We’ll also provide reasons for the unknown response and re-attempt the verification when possible.

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Why ZeroBounce outperforms Verifalia

There’s no denying that Verifalia is an excellent email verification system that can provide satisfying results.

However, ZeroBounce identifies more email types faster with guaranteed accuracy. You’re also never obligated to subscribe, and you’ll never lose out on your email verifier credits.

But what else can ZeroBounce offer your brand that Verifalia can’t?

Verifalia offers limited customer support

Verifalia offers customer support via phone, email, and live chat. However, their primary hours only occur between 6 AM and 6 PM CEST. If you’re elsewhere, you’ll need to plan your issues around their availability or drop a message and wait for a response.

ZeroBounce knows that some issues can’t wait. We offer 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and live chat. We secretly tested our support team’s response times at random hours and achieved an incredible 12-second response average.

The commitment of our supportive email geeks extends to weekends and holidays all year round. Whether you need help with credits, implementing the API, or just need assistance with an email, one of us will assist you.

ZeroBounce’s catch-all scoring outperforms Verifalia

Like many email verifiers, Verifalia can successfully identify catch-all email domains if they’re on your list. Most email cleaning services will mark these as risky and encourage you to purge them from your list.

We’re generally not meant to email catch-all addresses directly. Instead, when you email a user on a domain that doesn’t exist, your email gets redirected to the catch-all address. If someone manages the inbox, they can redirect those emails to the appropriate parties.

The problem is that catch-all inboxes don’t target a specific person and can often leave your marketing emails unattended. Many become havens for spam emails, which causes the owners to abandon them altogether.

But every email lead you obtain has a cost, so it may be worth pursuing a catch-all when possible.

That’s why ZeroBounce offers sophisticated AI email scoring to help you gain deeper insight into your emails. Instead of automatically deleting a catch-all, you can score the address and make an informed decision that’s right for your brand. Scoring and pursuing a highly active catch-all can lead to engagement or ideal email contact.

Verifalia doesn’t provide Activity Data

Similar to Email Scoring, ZeroBounce delivers the option to append Activity Data to your email verification reports. This data will let you know if the subscriber opened, clicked, forwarded, or unsubscribed from emails in a period you set from the last 30 to 365 days.

How does Activity Data help?

After determining which emails are valid with ZeroBounce, you can boost your performance by segmenting your most active subscribers. If you’ve got a compelling offer and want strong results, you can use your Activity Data to compile a list of the hottest leads on your email list.

Verifalia simply cleans emails. ZeroBounce cleans more emails and offers several solutions to help you improve email deliverability and marketing performance.

Verifalia doesn’t have a mobile app

Verifalia only provides email verification via their desktop platform.

ZeroBounce, by comparison, is the only major reputable email verifier that offers mobile email verification. When you sign up for a free account and download the app, you can enjoy the same tools and benefits when visiting their website.

In an increasingly mobile and remote world, having the accessibility of a mobile app is essential. ZeroBounce continuously improves its technology and offerings to help you improve your business no matter how you want to browse.

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ZeroBounce offers complete email verification and deliverability

Verifalia only cleans emails and is limited to what types of emails it can identify.

ZeroBounce verifies emails, identifies more than 30 types of addresses, appends both technical and social data, scores addresses, and provides recent activity data. You can also leverage email testing tools and blacklist monitoring to improve your performance and monitor your sender reputation.

We’re serious about your privacy and security

Verifalia offers sufficient privacy and security, including GDPR compliance and secure HTTPS/TLS connections with data centers in Germany.

ZeroBounce is a global email verifier stationed in the United States, Romania, and India. We’re SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 certified. We’re fully GDPR and CCPA-compliant to prevent any risk of losing or sharing data. We also partner with some of the world’s best cybersecurity companies to constantly improve cybersecurity and risk management protocols.

  • SOC 2 Compliant

  • SOC 2
    Type II

  • ISO 27001 Certified

  • HIPAA Compliant

  • GDPR Compliant

  • Data Privacy Framework (DPF)

  • CCPA Compliant

Frequently asked questions

Verifalia gates its highest level of accuracy behind its highest-tier verification. ZeroBounce offers a 99% accuracy guarantee for all users, including free users. It also identifies more than 30 types of emails on any email list.

Verifalia offers low-cost credit packs to help you get started with email verification. However, you must spend additional credits to clean your emails with higher accuracy. You’ll need to purchase more credits to enjoy Verifalia’s more significant benefits. ZeroBounce offers a consistent price point for all email verification credits.

Email verification helps you identify and eliminate invalid and high-risk email addresses from your email marketing list. This will help you deliver your emails to the inbox and avoid problems like high bounce rates and spam complaints.

ZeroBounce offers email verification credits at a consistent price point; users only need one credit per email address. ZeroBounce provides additional services and tools like Activity Data, AI Scoring, an iOS app, and 24/7 customer support.