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People-Based Marketing: What It Is and How Our Email Verifier Can Help

What exactly is people-based marketing? The term has become one of the most popular in the industry. And while you may guess what it describes, it deserves a more in-depth definition. Today we’re going to take a closer look into people-based marketing and see what role an email verifier plays in this approach.

Think about your favorite bakery. You may go there every day, or a few times a week, and order what you like the most. Let’s say you love croissants and you always get one. After a few visits, the person behind the register remembers your order and asks you:

“Would you like the usual?”

You say “Yes,” and they warm it up for you, while enticing you to get something else: “Would you also like to try our new almond croissant? It’s fresh and delicious!”

How can you resist, if you’re someone who likes French pastries?

Your server already had this information and was able to make a sale based on your personal preferences. They spent time observing you and paying attention to your tastes and affinities. As a result, they’re able to offer you something you like, before you even knew you wanted it.

This is people-based marketing:

  • getting to know your customers on a one-on-one basis
  • gathering data about them to create a profile: what do they like, want and need?
  • come up with offers that seduce and convert them.

Of course, the bakery in our example introduced their croissants on the menu for a broader clientele. But the server targeted their offer to you – someone who likes pastries and was very likely to buy one.

People-based marketing focuses on individuals, not groups. Individuals love it when you take the time to find out what they like or present a solution to their problem.

As James Paine put it so well in this article for, people-based marketing is “personalization on steroids.”

People-based marketing: finding your customers across all channels

What’s essential though, in people-based marketing, is to find your customers across different channels and synchronize your strategy for efficiency.

People use so many devices nowadays. About 60% of them check their email on their phones. Also, they spend lots of time scrolling down their Instagram and Facebook feed, on phones and tablets. Besides that, they’re in front of a desktop for a good amount of time, during work hours.

While seeing an ad on Instagram may spark someone’s interest in buying a certain product, it might not be enough. People-based marketing tools allow you to display that ad a second or a third time, to the same customer, on tablet or desktop.

Learn where your customers hang out

Email marketing is the greatest driver of customer retention right now, according to 80% of retail professionals. The next most popular channel is social media.

Spread your message throughout all devices

According to an Email Monday study, men and women are equally likely to convert from an email they open on desktop. However, women are more inclined to convert on a tablet, while men have a greater chance of converting on a phone.

People-based marketing allows you to spread your message across all channels and devices and reach your customers wherever they are.

The key is to implement an omnichannel approach to study your customers’ behavior, both online and offline. As a consequence, you’ll strive to deliver relevant campaigns that respond to their needs and preferences. People-based marketing tools also help you identify the channels your customers prefer, so you can personalize your ads and maximize your results.

Email is where people-based marketing begins. Why use an email verifier

Now, take a second to think about how you log into your social media accounts, your online banking account, or any other online platform. That’s right: email is omnipresent in our digital lives. It is also the most valuable data you could gather about your (potential) customers. Email connects all the elements that make up their identity.

Did you know?

People who decide to purchase a product or service after receiving a marketing email spend 138% more than those who don’t receive email campaigns.

Invalid email addresses wreak havoc on your email marketing program. They ruin your bounce rate, tarnish your sender reputation and prevent you from reaching genuine subscribers who would potentially buy from you. Also, whenever an invalid email address ends up on your mailing list, it becomes a missing link in the chain of elements that connect your customer’s preferences across different channels.

For any digital marketer, using an email verifier is the safest and easiest way to maintain their email hygiene. It ensures all the leads you’ve collected are valid and helps you better define your audience and develop more meaningful ads and campaigns.

How to make the most of your email verifier

If you already have an email list, start by uploading it on the platform of your choice. At ZeroBounce, you can easily upload your list in a .CSV or .TXT format and wait for your results. The system does all the work and does it quickly and accurately.

Once your email list is clean, make sure it stays that way by installing an email verification API on your website. The API prevents typos, suggests possible corrections. Besides, it doesn’t allow spam traps, disposable, catch-all and abuse emails to join your mailing list.

An email verifier not only boosts your email marketing campaigns, but is also your number one ally when it comes to crafting relevant people-based marketing strategies.

Great people-based marketing begins with email. It gets you closer to your audience and helps you build a cohesive marketing strategy where both you and your customer win.