brand values

What Values Define Your Brand?

We all use our creativity to come up with original ideas and techniques for our email marketing. People’s inboxes are extremely crowded these days, and standing out has become a real challenge. Useful content will always be appreciated and consumed, clever subject lines and appealing graphics will always please the eye and invite our subscribers to click. Beyond all that, what makes our audience relate to us are the core Brand values we share.

What brand values define you?

We believe it’s worth taking the time to think about this, as it will help you better communicate who you are.

Regardless of your industry, before you started your business, you probably wrote down your mission statement. The purpose of your project is your main motivation and also the main reason that people have gathered around your business. They came to you not only because you have a nice-looking store and good quality products, although that helps tremendously. They came, mainly, because they like you and have a sense of connection to your brand. What helps develop this connection? The values you share. The things you believe in the most and strive to pass on to others.

Here are a few of the essential values that every business can integrate in its core:


Nothing lasts outside of it. People can’t and shouldn’t be lied to.

Commitment to quality

It’s simple: you commit to creating long-lasting products and stellar services, and people will commit to your brand.


The more you give, the more you receive. Give a little more than expected, and you will get back ten times more.

Are you using your marketing emails to convey your brand values?

Your email marketing is one of the most powerful channels of communication you have. Are you using it at its true potential in conveying what you stand for?

Take a look at your campaigns so far and ask yourself if they reflect your brand entirely. Is there anything you could do differently to allow your customers to know you better?

Once you’ve set up a plan for your next campaign, don’t forget to clean your email list to make sure your message actually reaches your subscribers. More than 52% of marketers say that using an email validation system and having their email databases cleaned has improved their deliverability by up to 97%.