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How To Write A Great Subject Line

Did you know that 47% of your subscribers decide whether they are going to open an email from you the moment they see your subject line? Basically, your subject line determines almost half of the success rate of your email campaign. It is a crucial aspect to consider before you hit “Send.”

What makes a good subject line

So, today we’re going to talk about what makes a good subject line – that is, one that determines people to click on your email and read through your content.

Be concise

More than 60% of consumers check their email on their phone. So keep that in mind whenever you create your subject line. Avoid writing more than 50 characters, as long lines won’t fit on a mobile screen.

Avoid being too metaphorical

Save your metaphors and subtleties for the core of your email, when you know your reader has already engaged with your content. A subject line should be crisp and clear and reflect the message of your campaign as well as possible.

That doesn’t mean you can’t be funny or punny

Adding a pun or a little humor in your subject line is actually a great way to stand out. Before you send, though, consult with some of your co-workers or friends, to make sure they find your joke funny, too. You wouldn’t want to offend any of your subscribers right from the beginning and get reported or marked as “Spam.” By the way, if you’d like to know more about how to preserve your sending reputation, check out our email verification system.

61% of recipients say that the reason for which they do not open a marketing email is that they no longer care about the content. How do they judge the content? Of course, by its subject line.

Use personalization

Your subscribers joined your mailing list because they like you and your services or products. They want to stay in touch with you and feel closer to your brand. Sending marketing emails is a fantastic opportunity for you to seize your customers’ desire. Start by using personalization tokens. Your subscribers will love to see their name in the subject line, as this warms up your tone, creates a sensation of closeness and makes them feel special. Calling them by their name tells them they are not just an email address in your large database. Also, they’ll know that your message is not a mass email that happened to land in their inbox.

Avoid using all caps or too many exclamation points

Remember our article about how to write better marketing emails? One of our tips came from famed writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald, who wasn’t a fan of exclamation points. He considered them a sign that you’re laughing at your own jokes, so he advised us to use them scarcely. As for caps, as you already know, in writing, they are interpreted as yelling. You don’t want to start your email by yelling at your subscribers.

Instead, use numbers. They always work.

You’ve probably noticed the tendency of journalists and bloggers to use numbers in the titles of their articles. It’s been an ongoing trend in the media, in the last 10 years, because it is actually very efficient. People love reading listicles, and when you use a number in your subject line – example: “Five Ways to Grow Your Email List” – they know they are getting content that is well structured, can be read quickly and remembered easily.

Best subject line tip: create curiosity and call your tribe to action

One of the most powerful human emotions is curiosity. Out of curiosity, we do many of the things that change our lives, so imagine how that trigger works in enticing someone to click on your email. In your subject line, focus on verbs that create a sense of curiosity and action, but avoid sounding like an ad.


Last, but not least: remain consistent in your sending behavior and make sure your sender name is familiar to your subscribers. If you have a chaotic sending rhythm, your audience may forget ever subscribing to your email list and mark you as “Spam.” Similarly, if your sender name sounds different than the one they know you by, it might confuse them and determine them to think your email is nothing but spam. Learn more about how our email verifier can help you send your marketing campaigns safely and efficiently.

Happy emailing!