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Three Opt-In Incentives to Grow Your Email List

Email marketing has been seeing an incredible growth in the past few years, and it seems like all companies really want in 2017 is to grow their email list. Every website we’re visiting nowadays tries to grab our attention and get us to sign up to their newsletters.

But think about it: how many times have you subscribed to an email through a signup form that was quietly waiting for you on the sidebar, without any incentive to entice you?

We all react to an effective stimulus, and getting people on your email list follows the same pattern. Today we’re going to give you a few ideas of incentives that you can use to grow your email list and leverage your marketing outcomes in 2018!

First, let’s take a look at what an incentive should do:

? offer a solution to a problem

? be easy to access

? take little time and effort for you to create

? be presented in the clearest way possible

What magnets could you use to get your audience to subscribe?

A useful cheat sheet

No matter the field you’re an expert in, you can write down some of the best pieces of advice you’ve gathered along the years and develop these ideas into a cheat sheet. For example, if you are a blogger with many followers, you can write an article entitled “My ten rules for success in blogging and social media.” If you are a stylist, you can suggest “Five tips for nailing the perfect outfit,” and if you’re a home decorator, just think of all the great ideas you could come up with! Your potential subscribers will want to get access to your knowledge and are most likely going to react to your offer.

Just remember: a document like that shouldn’t take you more than two or three hours to create. Don’t spend a week trying to put together the perfect incentive. Keep it simple and put it out there as soon as it’s ready!

An exciting audio recording or webinar

You might say this will take you too much time, but studies are showing they also bring in higher conversion rates! Imagine you are someone interested in growing your website traffic. Wouldn’t you subscribe to an email so you can get access to a webinar that shows you how to do that? You don’t need the best camera and microphone to create an audio-video set of tips and tricks for your audience. Focus on the quality of the content, because that’s what is eventually going to bring you more subscribers.

An irresistible discount

Whether you sell clothes, cosmetics, matresses, books or any kind of service, you can always attract your audience on your email list with an irresistible discount. Make this the magnet of your signup form, because even though you’re offering a cheaper product now, in the long run, your generosity will actually increase your ROI. Think about this as an investment in your future relationship with your customers. Once you get them to sign up, you will be able to contact them about your next promotions, and that’s really valuable.

A great incentive will definitely increase your subscription rates, but pay attention to your email list: bigger is not always better. You may gather 5,000 new email accounts in your database, but are you sure they are all accurate and current? Taking the time to validate your email list is always worth the effort. Use a reliable tool to get rid of the bad email accounts, avoid bouncing emails and improve your conversions. You can try out ZeroBounce for free: if you register here, you get 100 credits to test the system and get an idea about how it works.

What incentives are you using right now to grow your email list?