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Productivity Tips: How to Create More Value

“I wish a day had 48 hours!” How many times have you heard that? How many times have you said it yourself? It’s a fast-paced world out there, we can all agree. Technology has made things move at high speed.

Here are some of our productivity tips

We often have the feeling we can’t catch up on everything we have to do. Here are a few productivity tips to help you be more organized and create things that last longer.

Start working right away

Whether you work from home or you have to go to an office, start working as soon as you turn on your computer. Avoid Facebook, Twitter and all other social networks. Otherwise, you could spend an hour checking notifications, friends’ posts and private messages. Actually, being on social media can turn out to be as time-consuming as a part-time job! It’s a major productivity killer for many of us. So, unless you are a social media manager, try to stay away from such distractions until you finish your most urgent tasks.

Work on your hardest project first

We all have that one project that we’re not so excited to start working on. So what do we do? We postpone it until later, and later, and later… until we realize it’s late and we have to get it done! What if, instead of running away from such a project, you start at it first. It may not be very enjoyable, but it will feel great once you’ve finished it and you can move on to lighter obligations. We tried this productivity tip and it’s effective.

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Productivity starts on paper: have a daily to do list

You’ve heard this advice before, and there’s a reason for that: it works! There is only so much information our brain can storage, while some of it is left aside. Writing down our daily goals in a notebook or on our phones is the best way to make sure we get everything done. The feeling of crossing stuff off the list is priceless!

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Other productivity tips:

Avoid answering the phone while you’re working on something. Unless you receive a text on an urgent matter, everything and everyone can wait.

Make sure you get enough rest. Lack of sleep will result in lack of energy and, thus, productivity.

When you feel tired or stale, don’t force yourself to work. Take a break, even if it’s a 10-minute walk around the block.

A change of environment also has the potential to boost your productivity. If the weather allows you, try to work outside, on a terrace or the patio of a coffee shop.

By the way, we always get more productive when we have a nice cup of coffee!

Make your meal a special moment. Enjoy the food while talking to a friend or watching the people around you. Mindfulness is the key to creativity.


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