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The No. 1 Secret to Higher Open Rates

Marketers can’t stop thinking about them. Before hitting the “Send” button of a new campaign, they wonder how high the rates are going to be. When studying the campaign reports, it’s the first thing they look at.

Open rates – the reflection of email marketing success.

So, what’s the secret to getting people to click on your emails?

The simple answer is: consistent quality.

Inboxes are extremely crowded – the average consumer receives about 90 emails every day. Magazines, newspapers, blogs and social media platforms produce enormous amounts of content. And we simply don’t get the chance to consume all of it. Time has become our most valuable resource, and we are all more aware of how we’re spending it.

If one of your emails wasn’t relevant to your subscribers, they will be willing to overlook it and probably click on your next campaign to give you one more try. If that doesn’t serve them in any way, it’s very likely that you won’t get a third click. And if you get it and still disappoint, your open rates and even your unsubscribe rate are in danger. People don’t have time to waste, and there is probably going to be another marketer in their inbox who sent them better content.

In February 2017, MailChimp updated its campaign stats and found that, across all industries, the average open rate was 22.83% for companies that have more than 50 employees. For smaller companies (1-10 employees), the open rate was 21.53%.

How can you increase your open rates?

? By not letting people down. If you’ve set a certain quality standard from the beginning, maintain it.

? Avoid sending them only what matters to you and focus on your subscribers’ interests. You can learn that easily by looking at your reports and determining what performs best. Your open rates are a very accurate mirror of your performance.

? Send your emails regularly to keep your IP warm and to stay in touch with your audience.

? Use an email checker to make sure your contacts are valid. Your campaigns are not worth much is they reach a dead end – such as spam traps, abandoned and disposable email addresses, or catch-all domains.

Happy emailing!


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