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Why Visuals Can Determine the Success of Your Marketing Email

Psychologists decided a long time ago that it takes not more than seven seconds for a first impression to form. During those first seven seconds, what is it that you see in an email? That’s right: mostly visuals.

As a marketer, you understand why the general aspect of your email has such a significant impact on your subscribers. Let’s dive deeper into this topic and see why your visuals (and email validation) determine the success of your marketing campaign.

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How visuals affect your marketing emails

Statistics show that the average worker receives about 120 emails a day. The average consumer gets about 90 messages in their inbox, on a daily basis.

That is a lot of information coming through one single channel of communication, apart from other data our brains process on the Internet. With everyone being overwhelmed by emails, marketers have to develop all kinds of skills in order to stand out.

Number one: using an email validation system to make sure they reach their subscribers.

Then, people don’t have time for boring or ugly emails. So marketing creatives are constantly trying to improve their copy and graphics.

According to Piktochart, 85% of shoppers say color is the main factor that determines them to buy a product. Also, an outstanding 93% of purchasing decisions are based on visual appearance.

Graphics is what we’re going to focus on today.

The human brain processes them a lot faster than it can judge the quality of text. Seven seconds within opening up your email, a subscriber decides whether they like it or not.

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You can strive to have outstanding content. But if it’s not packaged in a compelling design, it can be almost worthless. So, how can you create a visually attractive marketing email?

Choose your template wisely

Your email service provider must offer you a variety of templates to choose from. You can pick one that you like. Also, it’s not a bad idea to start a poll among your friends and faithful customers and ask them how they feel about it. Use that insight when you make your final decision.

Then, once you’ve chosen the best template, stick with it. Being consistent will allow people to become familiar with your brand . They’ll recognize it when they spot its logo and the colors you normally use.

The best template should:

? Help you boost the content you’ve worked so hard to create

? Look great on both desktop and mobile

? Be a part of your brand’s story

A reliable email validation system is going to help you deliver your story to the right audience. Clean your email list before you send out your campaign, and you will see a great difference in your outcomes!

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Rules to follow when you design your template

? Use colors that are part of your logo or that are complementary to those colors. Don’t play with more than three, though. Imagine your email is a room: you want to keep your design clean and make sure there is enough space to breathe.

? Opt for a HTML email, as people say they prefer it over plain text emails.

? Pay attention to the font: test until you find the one that looks best on all devices and is easy to read. Our favorites are Georgia and Playfair Display.

? The pictures you use are essential in the first impression you make. If you don’t have original photos, there are plenty of stock images that you can customize in a great program like Canva, for example.

? Think of your template as if it was the page of a newspaper. Allow your audience to see the most important things first. A journalist would place the news of the day at the top of the page, in a visible spot and promoted by beautiful graphics. That’s what you should do with your call-to-action, especially since many people don’t scroll down to read the entire email.

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? Avoid huge blocks of text. No matter how great your copy is, it’s very tiring for the human eye to read large amounts of texts at once. Try breaking them into paragraphs, and separate those paragraphs by adding catchy titles and/or pictures to them.

? Customize your template according to season and holidays. Create a nice experience for your subscribers by adding colors and pictures that suggest the time of the year.

? Take a final glance at your email, before you send it, to see if the overall look is pleasant and consistent.


Once you’ve decided on your visuals and your copy is in best shape, all you need to do is make sure your message reaches your subscribers. You can use an email validation system, like ZeroBounce, that can check whether your email list is clean and can help you avoid bounces and spam traps.