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Why Double Opt-In Is Better for Your Email Hygiene

Every email marketer has probably asked himself this question: should I use single or double opt-in to grow my email list? While the former may help you grow your email list faster, the latter will support better email hygiene in the long run. Let’s see why.

But first, what is double opt-in?

Double opt-in, or confirmed opt-in, is a a method of collecting email addresses where the user confirms they wish to be added to your mailing list. As the name suggests, there are two steps in this process:

  1. The user decides they’d like to join your email list, so they type in their email address in your signup form.
  2. They receive an automated email which contains a unique URL. Your new subscriber has to click the link to confirm they want to be added to your list. That’s it! It only takes a minute and it keeps your email list in good shape.
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The pros of using double opt-in

Email marketers have different opinions on using the double opt-in email collecting method. At ZeroBounce, we like the pros of having new subscribers confirm their choice. So yes, we recommend the double opt-in for better email hygiene.

You know the person has access to that email address

Yes, bots can sign up on your mailing list and can click confirmation links. They’re sophisticated applications. But using the double opt-in is an extra layer of defense against bots, along with adding a reCAPTCHA on your website. reCAPTCHA has a better mechanism to differentiate between humans and bots.

Open rates are going to be higher

When a new subscriber makes the effort of checking their Inbox and clicking on the confirmation link, it means they really want to receive emails from you. You’ll notice that open rates are going to be higher once you start using the double opt-in.

And so are your click-through rates

The above principle is going to impact how many people click on your content, as well. Once they go through the two-step signup process, they’re going to be waiting for your great emails to click on them! Your list will be more engaged and…

Less people will mark you as Spam

This is one of the most important aspects of your sender reputation. When your subscribers click the Spam button, they tell their email service provider (ESP) that your content is bothering them. If that happens repeatedly, the ESP is going to send your campaigns in the Spam folder. Or, sometimes, not deliver them at all. When you use the double opt-in, your subscribers are more likely to be engaged, so there are fewer chances they’ll consider you a spammer. As a result…

Your email deliverability will improve

It’s like in any other aspect of life: when you have great reputation, people are more open to doing business with you, right? The same applies to ESPs. If you follow email marketing best practices, your emails will most likely reach your audience.

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Bonus: use an API to protect yourself from bots

Our motto at ZeroBounce is „Reach humans, not bots.” That’s exactly what our API helps you achieve. How does it work? The moment a new subscriber types in their email address in the form, our email validation API verifies it in real time.

If, let’s say, someone misspells their email address, the system is going to prevent them from registering with an invalid email address. Otherwise, you’d be sending a confirmation email to an address that doesn’t exist, and that would tarnish your reputation.

The API is also able to spot toxic domains, known for spam and bot registrations, as well as abuse, disposable, catch-all, spam trap and role-based email addresses.

Did you know?

In countries where the double opt-in is a common email marketing practice, open and click-through rates are higher. According to a study conducted by Get Response, The Netherlands, Germany and France have higher engagement rates compared to the U.S. These are all countries where double opt-in is prevalent.