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How Email Scoring Can Turn Your Email Marketing Around

Ready to learn some more about email scoring and see how much it influences the results of your email marketing? You’re in the right place, because today we’re going to delve into this topic more deeply. And we have just the right tool for you!

The success of your email marketing campaigns mostly depends on one thing: how many people receive your emails. Now, what determines that?

In a nutshell: your sender reputation.

And what affects your reputation? Your email hygiene.

If you have lots of invalid email addresses in your list, your sender reputation is going to hurt. This can lead Internet and email service providers to believe that you’re not a trustworthy sender. So, many of your emails are going to land in the Spam folder, if they get delivered at all.

What’s there to do?

Email validation to the rescue!

Using a good email validation system is guaranteed to improve your email hygiene and boost your sender reputation. Once you clean your email list, you’ll see an increase in your open rates, and that’s what makes us all happy. Knowing that people get our emails and click on those awesome subject lines, right?

But what if we told you there’s an even more sophisticated system that can turn your email marketing around? One that can tell you, before time, what the chances are that a certain subscriber clicks on your email.

Enter: email scoring, a marketer’s best friend

First, what’s email scoring? It’s the process of analyzing an email address and assessing its quality. What does quality mean, in email marketing? It refers to how safe and active (thus likely to engage) an email address is.

See, sending your campaigns blindly to leads that you hope are going to take action is not a sure way to win. Behavioral and people-based marketing are growing day by day, because they allow creatives to craft suitable content. And email scoring is the first step in determining if the people on your list are leads with genuine potential. Or, dormant contacts very unlikely to engage with you.

A 2016 study by MarketingProfs revealed an interesting fact: only 23% of marketers check their open and click-through rates regularly.

Email scoring reveals the quality of your list

It’s hard to measure how valuable a contact in your list is based solely on how they react to your content. Some email addresses may be perfectly legitimate and active, just not on your list! You have two options: to either send a re-engagement campaign and see how the recipient reacts. Or, to remove that address from your list and lose a potential lead. This is where email scoring makes a big difference.

A reliable email scoring system is able to detect how active your email addresses are, no matter how they seem in your Email Service Provider’s reports. With this information in hand, you can decide whether you want to entice dormant users using a different approach, or eliminate them from your database.

Artificial intelligence at work

Just as email validation, email scoring uses complex algorithms to detect email activity and rate the quality of a lead. Our engineers have developed a system based on artificial intelligence that returns a score in a matter of seconds. The score ranges from 0 to 10, with 10 being ideal – these are the kind of leads you want in your list!

ZeroBounce A.I. scans your entire email list to determine which addresses are worth keeping, and which one are safer to remove. The system puts your subscribers’ interaction into a new perspective, allowing you to build a more valuable and powerful email list.

Have you ever used an email scoring system? Share your experience with us!