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Email Scrubbing: Expectations vs. Reality

When your bounce rate is high and several people in your list complain that your email was spam, you know it’s time for a good email scrubbing. More precisely, it’s time to get rid of all the contacts that pose a risk to your sender reputation.

Abandoned email addresses. Spam traps. Catch-all, disposable, and abuse emails – they’re all a danger to your email deliverability. No kidding – they ruin your sender score.

And guess what happens: those genuine people you have on your list, they’re not going to receive your emails. Because you’re going to be someone with a bad reputation. And Internet and email service providers don’t support senders with a bad reputation.

What can you do about it?

ZeroBounce. As in As in email validation. Or email verification. Email list cleaning. Email list scrubbing. Email scrubbing. We could go on and find a few more synonyms, but you get the picture.

Your best solution is a system that removes those risky addresses from your list, so you can send emails with confidence.

What can you expect from email scrubbing?

Let’s say you haven’t decided on an email scrubbing service. Or you’ve picked one, but haven’t used it yet. However, you’re excited to do that and you most likely have some expectations, right? So, we’ll take a guess at your expectations and compare them with how things are actually going to be.

Expectation: My bounce rate is going to decrease

Reality: Yes, it is, but it’s going to get much better than you think. A good email scrubbing system is able to identify all of the invalid addresses in your list and isolate them on the spot. Typos people made when they signed up. Bogus addresses certain people registered with, just to fool around or hurt you. Addresses that are no longer in use. Gone! So, your bounce rate is naturally going to look better. ZeroBounce, for example, guarantees 98% accuracy on your email validation results.

Expectation: My email deliverability is going to see a boost

Reality: Of course! Once you start emailing genuine email addresses, Internet and Email Service Providers are going to start looking at you as someone legit. Your sender reputation will improve, and that, in turn, will boost your email deliverability. More people will receive your emails, and more of them will get it in their Inbox, not in their Spam folder. As you gain credibility, you gain more space in your subscribers’ inboxes!

Expectation: Email scrubbing is expensive

Reality: If you’re shopping in the wrong places! Yes, there are some email validation systems out there that will charge you a lot. On the other hand, with ZeroBounce, you can verify 10,000 emails for as little as $70. And, save money in the long run. Because you wouldn’t be sending emails in vain to addresses that are dormant, invalid, or spam traps. So, most companies see email scrubbing as an investment in their business, not as an expense.

Expectation: I’m only getting some emails removed from my list

Reality: That’s up to you! You can pick an email validation system that will just scan your list and weed out the bad email addresses. Or, you can choose a service that does more than email scrubbing. ZeroBounce also enhances your database with extra information about your subscribers, such as their first and last name, gender, and location.

Top-notch email scoring to help you upgrade your list

Not to be overly promotional, but ZeroBounce also gives you access to the most innovative email scoring system you can get. It’s called ZeroBounce A.I. because it uses artificial intelligence to rate the quality of your list. It looks at every email address you’ve collected and tells you whether it’s safe to use. It’s especially useful if you have lots of catch-all emails in your database.

Are there any other expectations you have about using an email scrubbing service? Let us know and we’ll try to shed some light!

Happy emailing!