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Infographic: How to Use ZeroBounce to Clean Your Email List

So, you decided to clean your email list and finally get rid of all the bad email addresses that have been causing you trouble. Way to go! There’s nothing that boosts your sender reputation and email deliverability like a good list scrubbing. Planning to use ZeroBounce?

Cleaning your email list is going to be a breeze.

Our system allows you to follow a simple, three-step process:

  • upload
  • validate
  • download

Let’s take a look at the infographic below to see how ZeroBounce helps you maximize your email marketing ROI.


How to clean your email list: a step-by-step guide

Next, let’s break down the steps that will take your list from messy to ready-to-rock and engage!

Upload your email list on the platform

Using our service is as easy as sleeping in on a Sunday. In your ZeroBounce account, upload your email list in a .CSV or .TXT file. Rest assured, we’ll keep it safe for you – our system is the most secure you can get. Military-grade secure. Plus, we delete all files after 30 days, or you can decide to delete them sooner.

Focus on your stuff while our email validator does the job

Ok, it’s time for our email checker to get to work! The system is going to analyze every email address in your list and remove the bad ones. Misspelled, fake, catch-all, abuse, or temporary addresses – gone! Spam traps? No more! Also, we automatically remove duplicates – at no charge. We never charge for unknown results either.

Download your clean email list

Curious to see your results? In your dashboard, download your file by simply clicking on its name. You’ll see a clear breakdown of the email addresses you’ve gathered. We recommend you only send your campaigns to the valid ones. Discovered that you had lots of catch-alls? You can always use ZeroBounce A.I. to score your list!

Engage with your community

Got your campaign ready? Now that your email list is clean, you can start engaging with your subscribers! As your sender reputation will improve, you’re going to notice a boost in your deliverability. That means more of your emails will reach the inbox, and your open rates will increase, too.

Many marketers struggle with lack of quality data

According to a study by Transparency Market Research, email marketing is expected to expand to a $22.16 billion industry by the end of 2025. Also, Manifest found that nearly 70% of businesses across the U.S. use email marketing. As you can see, email remains an effective way to reach your audience, and there’s no sign of things changing anytime soon.

However, not all email marketing campaigns are successful. In fact, many marketers struggle with low deliverability and a poor email open rate. The main reason? Lack of high-quality data.

Why it’s important to clean your email list

If you clean your email list consistently, you’ve eliminated the risk of bounces, spam complaints and hitting spam traps. But if it’s been a while since you last used an email checker, here’s what can happen:

  • you’ll start getting more bounces, as email lists degrade at an average rate of 2% every month.
  • your email may be hitting spam traps, which have a dramatic impact on your email marketing.
  • some of your subscribers may start labeling your emails as Spam. These abuse email accounts affect your sender reputation.
  • as the quality of your list keeps deteriorating, your sender score will decrease.
  • Internet Service Providers will start delivering your emails to people’s Spam folder.
  • if you fail to clean your list and improve your email hygiene, your email delivery service will eventually suspend you.
  • furthermore, your IP may end up on a blacklist, and removing it from there is a difficult, costly process.
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How using a good email checker helps you achieve better deliverability

There are numerous risky email addresses that can end up on your email list. Apart from invalid accounts, catch-all, temporary, or role-based emails will jeopardize your deliverability, as well.

The good news is that a trustworthy email checker will prevent this from happening, and improve your overall email marketing.

Of course, not all email checkers are the same. Some are better equipped to fight off bounces and boost your sender reputation.

To illustrate, here are some of the most important features of ZeroBounce:
  • bulk email verification: it allows you to clean a whole email list at a time and make sure no bad data is causing you to waste money.
  • real-time email verification: you can install the API on your website and let it check every new subscriber’s email address.
  • email bounce detection
  • abuse and spam trap emails removal
  • role-based and temporary email addresses removal
  • Email Append: this is one of the many perks that come with the service. It’s a feature that adds missing data to your list. For example, your subscribers name, gender and location will help you better segment your contacts.
  • email scoring: after you clean your email list, you can further investigate it to learn more about its quality. ZeroBounce A.I. scans every email address and gives you feedback on its potential interaction. By detecting email activity levels, the system tells you how likely a certain user is to engage with your email content.

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Ready to clean your email list?

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