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Why Your Bulk Email Validation API Is Going to Be A Game-Changer

If you’re a ZeroBounce user – we hope you are, and if not, go register here! – you’re probably using our API already. You’re familiar with its benefits, and having it on your website gives you peace. Today, we’re so thrilled to let you know that you’re getting access to the bulk email validation API – a project we’re been working on in the last few weeks.

The new bulk email validation API

Remember back in August, when we launched version 2 of our API? The enhancements made a lot of you happy. Having this real-time email verification tool on your platform gives you a nice list of benefits.

@ the API covers over 30 codes and sub-status codes

@ it checks the email address of every new subscriber on your website

@ and you can make the most of the added features: the “did you mean” suggestion, domain detection, free email flag, and more.

Read the full list of benefits here!

Now, our engineers have taken the application up a notch, as they wanted to give you the opportunity to validate emails in bulk directly through the API.

So, here it is: your ZeroBounce bulk email validation API!

Now, you may be wondering why you need another API for bulk operations, since you already have the upload file function on our website. So, we asked our engineer Jesse Yu to explain.

“What the bulk API does is exactly the same as the file upload function. But the reason I think we need the bulk API is that it allows our clients to automate the whole email validation process. Things are going to flow much easier than when you call the API one by one,” Jesse said.

He went on to tell us more. “When you call the API one by one, you need to control your programs to call our API. By using the bulk email validation API, the responsibility becomes ours. Also, once the bulk validation is finished, we’ll call your API if you provided one. It’s like a call-back function.”

The bulk email validation API doesn’t require any manual process

As you may already know, ZeroBounce sends you an email whenever your list has finished being validated. “In the case of bulk email validation API, we will notify our customers not only by email, but also by calling the API they provided. Remember, if you use our platform to clean your list, you need to manually upload the file. The bulk API doesn’t involve any manual process,” Jesse told us.

email validation API

The new function allows customers who have frequent email validation needs to automate the entire process and save time. All you have to do is program the bulk email validation API. In the program, you will specify where the your email list file is, our API gets a call and starts doing its job.

The three APIs for the bulk email validation process are:

@ Send File

You call it once you have your email list ready, in a .txt or .csv file.

@ File Status

You call it to check the status of the process.

@ Get File

Finally, you call this API to retrieve the file with your validation results.

It’s as simple as that!

We hope the new bulk email validation API eases your task and allows you to spend your time on other projects. Let us know how it works for you and if there’s any improvement you’d like to suggest!