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How to Verify Emails in Salesforce Using the MassMailer & ZeroBounce Integration

Our guest author today is Siva Devaki, Founder and co-CEO of email marketing platform MassMailer. He’ll explain how to verify emails in Salesforce by using the MassMailer – ZeroBounce integration.

You could be sending emails to no one at all

What’s your email bounce rate? Are your Salesforce emails reaching the inbox? If you haven’t verified your email lists, you could be sending emails out to no one at all.

Even worse, you could be sending emails out to spam traps, specifically designed to “catch” spam and damage a company’s reputation.

Without email verification, you can’t control the quality of your email lists, nor can you accurately gauge the success of your email marketing campaigns. Learn why it’s so important to verify emails and see how easy it is to keep up with your email hygiene.

How to verify emails in Salesforce

By using MassMailer, which integrates with Salesforce and ZeroBounce, you can reduce the chances that your emails will bounce.

The Salesforce and Zerobounce integration through MassMailer streamlines the process of verifying your emails. Thus, it makes everything accessible in a single platform and consolidates the information into the relevant contact records.

Here’s what you need to know about MassMailer’s email verification process right within Salesforce CRM.

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Why verifying your email lists is important

If you want to maintain your email sender reputation and increase your email engagement, you need to verify your email lists. Lots of inactive, invalid, or dormant email addresses can affect your list. It’s in your best interest to make sure that the emails you’re interacting with are active and care for your content.

Here are a few reasons why it’s important to verify your email lists:

  • Avoid spam traps. Spam traps are fake emails on a mission to catch spam. Sending an email to a spam trap can harm your company’s reputation. Verifying your email list will reduce the chances a spam trap could be lurking somewhere.
  • Increase your engagement. Sending out large volumes of email to inactive accounts will only throw your metrics off. By reducing these accounts, you can get a better picture of whether your campaign is successful.
  • Reduce your bounce rate. A high bounce rate can be an indicator of spam email. As ISPs take notice of that, they will penalize you by delivering your emails to the Spam folder. A really high bounce rate can cause your emails to not reach your recipients at all.
  • Improve your sender reputation. By removing bad signups from your list, email verification boosts your sender reputation. In the eyes of ISPs, this is a crucial aspect that determines your deliverability.

Yet, though it’s important to verify email lists, it can also be difficult. Spam traps can come from anywhere. Also, it can be difficult to tell which customers are reading your emails and which ones are immediately marking them as spam.

Reliable email verification systems can make sure that your email lists are of the highest quality. They protect your company’s reputation and increase your engagement.

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The advantage of the Zerobounce integration

What is Zerobounce? Zerobounce is an online email validation system that integrates with Salesforce and MassMailer. It’s mission is to identify and solve email deliverability issues. Zerobounce detects spam traps, invalid email addresses, and addresses that are no longer active. Basically, any email addresses that could potentially harm your sender or domain reputation.

By using the Zerobounce technology, MassMailer provides secure and dependable email address validation. Zerobounce makes sure that email addresses are both correct and match with the right recipients. Also, it looks for information you may have not gathered, such as demographic data for the recipient.

You can use Zerobounce through Salesforce and MassMailer to improve upon and validate the email addresses associated with contacts and their records. A versatile and secure validation system, Zerobounce can vastly improve the quality of a company’s email list. Furthermore, it enhances the information that Salesforce retains about each customer or contact.

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Using MassMailer Email Verify for Salesforce

You can use MassMailer to verify the email addresses you’ve collected. Once the process takes place, the email verification status on the record will update. You can either verify email addresses one-by-one or verify them through Salesforce campaign, or through MassMailer Listview.

To verify a single email address:

  • Open a lead or contact record.
  • Click on the “MassMailer Email Verify” button.

A pop-up will give you the results of the verification. Also, the Email Verification Status, Email Verification Sub Status, and Email Verification Date will update.

To verify an entire campaign:

  • Open the campaign detail page.
  • Click on the “MassMailer Email Verify” button.

Your email verification job will appear in the queue, and the Contact or the Lead records will be automatically updated. You’ll be able to see the Email Verification Status,  Sub Status, and Date.

To verify a MassMailer Listview:

  • Navigate to the MassMailer Email Wizard page.
  • Select Lead, or Contact object.
  • Select the MassMailer Listview.
  • Click on the “Email Verify” button.

Your email verification job will appear in the queue, and the Contact or the Lead records will automatically update.

If the email verification status and the sub-status have the following values, the system considers the Contact or the Lead record as Invalid. The respective custom field called Invalid Contact, or Invalid Lead gets checked as True automatically. Invalid Leads and Invalid Contacts are auto-suppressed from any mass emails that you try to send using MassMailer.


Get started with MassMailer Email Verify and the Zerobounce integration

MassMailer’s Salesforce email verification makes it easy to improve the quality of your email lists. Rather than having to rely upon guesswork, you can be sure that your email contacts are correct. You can improve your company’s email sending reputation, as well as your engagement metrics: all you need to do is check your lists.

For more information about the many benefits of the Salesforce – ZeroBounce integration and the ability to verify emails in Salesforce, contact MassMailer today or request a demo.