ZeroBounce A.I. email scoring

Why ZeroBounce A.I. Will Make A Difference in Your Email Hygiene

What’s the most important thing about your email list? Let us guess: its quality and being able to establish it. That’s why we developed ZeroBounce A.I., an extension of our email validation service that will offer you a deeper insight into your email hygiene.

ZeroBounce A.I. is the latest feature in the ZeroBounce suite – an email scoring system that uses artificial intelligence to establish the quality of an email address.

If you’ve used an email verifier to clean your list, that’s a great step towards better email hygiene. Running your database through our email scoring system gives you even more in-depth feedback on how healthy and valuable your leads are.

Here is how it works

ZeroBounce A.I. is a remarkably smart piece of software. It gathers all data about a certain email address and analyzes it, then returns a score for it.

The score starts at 0 (an address to which you don’t want to send any emails) and ends at 10, the highest quality rate you can get. This is the type of contacts everyone wants on their list. Email them with confidence!

ZeroBounce A.I. is especially good at scanning valid catch-all emails.

Why it’s important for you to know more about your catch-all emails

Let’s say you’ve just used an email validator to clean your list. You’ll most likely see that a certain percentage of your results are catch-all emails. Some email validation services simply mark this type of emails as “risky,” without telling you more about the risks you take if you email them. Email hygiene takes a bit more than that.

To avoid getting your sender reputation hurt, you may just decide to remove those emails from your list. The sad things is that some lists get a 30% or 40% catch-all result, so you end up losing a large amount of your contacts!

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Email hygiene: knowing you have real people on your mailing list

This is where ZeroBounce A.I. makes the difference: first, it tells you how risky those catch-all emails are. Once you receive the quality score, you can decide whether you want to keep those leads in your database or just accept the loss.

Furthermore, ZeroBounce A.I. – which is based on our proprietary algorithm – reveals an email address’s reachability. As a result, you get a better perspective of the recipient’s interaction. Not only will you know how good your email hygiene is, but also how likely it is for your audience to engage with your email content.

Have you given ZeroBounce A.I. a try? We’d love to hear what you think!