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Why Data Integrity Matters: Watch the Intelliclick – ZeroBounce Webinar

Steven Pearl, President of CRM and email marketing platform Intelliclick, and Russell Trzaska, Enterprise Success Manager at ZeroBounce, talk about data integrity. Watch their webinar to learn why email hygiene is an essential part of your email marketing.

Why data integrity matters

Data integrity is such an important topic in today’s digital marketing. Apart from ensuring you’re compliant with all laws and regulations, it helps you achieve your business goals.

In email marketing, maintaining data hygiene translates into having a better sender reputation and email deliverability. An accurate email list, with email addresses that belong to real people, is an asset for any organization. Then, if you’re able to craft content that engages, you’re on your way to higher email ROI.

However, many marketers struggle with data decay and its consequences. In this webinar, Steve and Russell talked about the implications of poor data integrity and how it affects your sender reputation.

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What are the challenges marketers face?

Email lists are subject to change. Some of the addresses you gathered a few years back may be obsolete today. In fact, more than 22% of your email list goes bad within a year! That happens because people change jobs and get new email addresses, or they just switch to different providers. That leaves you with bounces instead of genuine subscribers. Add to that the prospect of a bad reputation, which causes your delivery rates to drop.

In their webinar, Steve and Russell talk about the riskiest email addresses that jeopardize email deliverability:

Also, they explained how ZeroBounce helps Intelliclick customers maintain their data integrity through real-time email verification.

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Maintain your data integrity with an email verification API

The ZeroBounce email verification API is a smart tool that helps businesses ensure they’re collecting valid email addresses. Once integrated into a platform, it starts verifying email addresses in real time. It protects your data integrity by detecting risky emails – such as misspelled or disposable accounts – and preventing them from being added to your list.

Now, Intelliclick customers have access to the ZeroBounce email verification API right within the CRM platform, so they can maintain their data clean and safe.

“The more dilligence you do on your database, the less chance you have of hurting your reputation and running into issues with blacklists,” says Steve Pearl, President of Intelliclick.

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“The purpose of email is to get your message in front of your customers’ eyes.”

Russell Trzaska talked extensively about data integrity, and also touched on other important email marketing best practices. Here are some excerpts from the webinar:

“Every time you send a piece of mail to another inbox, that inbox trains itself – based on your actions – on how to handle that mail. It tracks your IP address and the domain that you’re sending from. Also, it looks at the content of that mail, at all of the headers which we, as human beings, don’t typically see. But those headers identify if that mail is spoofed and if the content has been altered in any way.”

Furthermore, within your inbox, there are spam filters that look at the content of that piece of mail to identify if there is anything there that’s spammy. For example, lots of different text formats, different colors, fonts, links that go to suspicious places – things that don’t look natural.

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As an email marketer, it’s easy to forget what a normal email looks like. We forget that when we send an email to each other, we send a few lines of text. There aren’t too many pictures, there aren’t many links or other things that can set off spam filters.

If your customers are not engaging with your emails, they’re essentially training their inbox that they don’t want to receive email from you. Also, you’re training ISPs to associate both your domain and your IP with mail that’s not getting engagement.

This results in deliverability issues, which means that your email can land in the Gmail Promotions tab. And, of course, the one you never want to land in: the Spam folder.


The purpose of email is to get your message in front of your customers’ eyes. If you’re not keeping your data clean and up to date, with people who engage with your content, you’re going to start going to the Spam folder.”

You can listen to the entire webinar here.