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Siva Devaki, MassMailer: “Email Deliverability Has Become A Necessity”

Siva Devaki is the Co-CEO of MassMailer, an email marketing platform that helps thousands of professionals use Salesforce more effectively. In this interview, we talk about how the email industry has changed in the past few years and how organizations have adapted. Siva believes email verification and email reputation management are now key to great email deliverability. Also, he explains how MassMailer – which uses ZeroBounce to ensure data quality – is expanding to offer even more features.

Siva Devaki talks email deliverability

How has the email industry changed since 2012, when you launched MassMailer?

The industry changed quite a bit since we launched MassMailer in 2012.

Initially, when we started MassMailer, it was more about email marketing. Now, customers are looking to engage with their clients in multiple channels, such as email, SMS, voice, etc.

Also, more than delivery metrics, email deliverability has become a necessity. Hence, email reputation management and email verification are a backbone for email marketing.

What is the number one solution people look for when they reach out to MassMailer?     

There’s actually a number of things people typically look for for, due to the limitations of the Salesforce bulk email feature:

  • managing daily email limits
  • better statistics
  • the ability to control the FROM email name and address, and to send attachments
  • automating processes for things like drip campaigns and more.   

Remember that we have been a Salesforce Systems Integration Partner for over 10 years and have completed almost a thousand projects. During this time we’ve discovered some of the limitations of Salesforce which impact people. That was the reason behind developing the MassMailer app – to overcome those limitations for our clients.  

Today, MassMailer is an email marketing product and very soon launching SMS and voice capabilities, as well.

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In a nutshell, how does the MassMailer integration work in Salesforce?

MassMailer is a “native” Salesforce app, which means that, when installed, it becomes part of Salesforce CRM. Customers have easy access to all data stored in Salesforce, along with the ability to easily update things within the system. Of course, they can utilize all Salesforce features and capabilities.  

Most of the other mass email products on the market use “plug-ins.” These allow data to be moved back and forth between the two systems. But, also, they limit what users can do and require data to be stored in multiple places.

Many of our customers used these third-party email systems in the past, but have converted to MassMailer. The ease of use and cost savings make people happy.

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Why have you chosen ZeroBounce as an integrated email verification solution for MassMailer customers?

Superior product, quality of service, and the price – these are the main reasons why we chose ZeroBounce as our email verification vendor.

Furthermore, ZeroBounce has a spam trap finder, which is a must for our customers. The APIs are super easy to consume. We have chosen ZeroBounce as our partner as you have all great features and a great team to work with.

What are the biggest challenges email marketers are facing right now? How can they overcome them?   

Adhering with email compliance and email deliverability are the biggest challenges the industry is facing.

We deal with compliance by allowing “opt-outs”, verification, and email monitoring — and support delivery with dedicated IP addresses, and sender authentication.

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How aware do you think organizations are of their email data quality?   

Some organizations, such as professional email marketing firms, are aware of their email data quality. But most organizations have no idea.

A lot of what we do is helping these organizations understand the importance of email data quality. Also, we help them clean up their data and execute successful mass email campaigns.

What do you think it takes for an organization or brand to be successful at email marketing?

In order to be successful at email marketing, the first thing we strongly recommend is to have a good strategy in place and the right plan to execute it.

Then, it’s very important to choose the right software vendor to work with. That vendor not only has to provide a great solution, but also the best practices and guidance.

What’s the part of your job you’re most passionate about?

I enjoy listening to customers about their pain points and providing them with the right solution.


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