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Let’s Talk About Email: Andrea Loubier

We’re thrilled to have Andrea Loubier back on the blog! The CEO of Mailbird tells us what her email pet peeves are, how often she checks her inbox, and what she would change about email. Together with her team, she’s already improving email management for more than two million people around the world.

Mailbird – which integrates with ZeroBounce – has recently launched 12 new features, so we talked about that, too. But first…

Let’s talk about email with Andrea Loubier!

The best email you received today:

An engagement report showing that our company is above the industry benchmark for employee engagement and happiness. Also, an email from our first paying customer saying how much they are still loving Mailbird, and how they’ve gotten their colleagues on it, too.

The last email you sent:

A report with actionable next steps on accounting and recruiting efforts as we grow the Mailbird team.

The most intriguing subject line you’ve ever seen:

“We’d like to buy Mailbird.”

Your biggest email pet peeve:

When people use email like chat or when they try to have a long back and forth conversation over email. Sometimes it’s great to pick up a phone and just have an actual discussion, then use email to summarize the discussion. I’m a big fan of efficiency and proper email usage at Mailbird.

How often do you check your email?

Two times per day, as I like to be efficient and bulk manage emails as a practice of focus and time management.

The word or phrase you most use in your emails:

“What do you think?”

If you could email any famous person, who would it be – and why?

Bill Gates, to find out what he accomplishes during Think Week and to find out what the future of Microsoft will be.

The newsletter you look forward to the most:

Mailbird business growth and progress updates.

An email you wish you’d never sent:

Response to a marketing email that ended up being a waste of time.

An email you’d be happy to get: 

An email from a Mailbird customer sharing how much Mailbird is improving their life in helping them build a healthy relationship with email.

To inbox zero or to not inbox zero?

To as close to inbox zero as you can get. It’s not the goal but a method of staying organized with information exchange and important actionable next steps.

No. 1 reason why you unsubscribe:

I want less email in my inbox.

Biggest no-no in an email campaign:

Having terrible grammar or not making it feel relevant or personal. Most importantly, emailing people who are not subscribed to receive your emails.

The best way to grow your email list:

Marketing, SEO and referrals.

One thing that should change about email:

The negative emotional response that inevitably comes with email management. We want less, we want it to bring us joy, we want it to be efficient and productive.

A brand email you always open:

Mailbird emails. ?

What do you most love about email?

That it’s the greatest invention since the internet. It has innovated the way in which we communicate online and supports the growing trend of remote work – this is the future!

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“As Mailbird continues its quest to deliver the best experience, it is enabling people and teams to build a healthy relationship with email,” Loubier says.

Have you heard about the 12 new Mailbird features?

With more than two million users, Mailbird is one of the most popular email clients for Windows in the world. Its friendly interface and variety of features save people time and make their lives easier.

“No email company has ever delivered the best email experiences this fast to the world!” CEO Andrea Loubier says.

Over the last 12 weeks, the Mailbird team has released 12 new features – and they make email management even better.

These features include:

  1. 1. The Mailbird Native Calendar
  2. 2. Emoji support
  3. 3. Advanced search
  4. 4. Custom themes and backgrounds
  5. 5. Moving mails between different accounts
  6. 6. Undo send
  7. 7. The Unsubscribe button
  8. 8. Custom email signatures with image upload
  9. 9. Send later
  10.  10. WhatsApp integration
  11.  11. Attachment search
  12.  12. Email tracking

“Email users are benefiting in saving time and creating positive and joyful experiences with email management,” she adds.

Want to access ZeroBounce while using Mailbird?

As you would expect, Mailbird integrates with several popular platforms, from Google Calendar to Slack, Facebook, or Twitter. And with ZeroBounce, too!

In fact, Mailbird is one of our favorite partners – their team is amazing, just reach out to them and see for yourself.

And if you want to access ZeroBounce while using Mailbird, take advantage of our integration. Here’s how to get started:

“Mailbird is super excited to be the first email company that cares about users and how they feel when it comes to email management,” Andrea Loubier concludes.

We hope you give Mailbird a try and enjoy it!

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