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ZeroBounce Offers Marketers Solution to Validate Catch-All Email Addresses

Boca Raton, FL – Email validation service ZeroBounce provides marketers with an efficient solution to validate catch-all email addresses. By using artificial intelligence, the company’s email scoring system assesses the activity levels and overall quality of an email address.

A unique challenge in B2B marketing is the presence of catch-all email addresses. Organizations configure them to ensure they capture all email sent to their domain, including to nonexistent accounts.

Despite the positive intended purpose, catch-all emails can result in bounces, thus jeopardizing sender reputation and email deliverability.

ZeroBounce A.I., or how to validate catch-all emails

Email validation is the best first step marketers can take towards higher data quality. We are happy to provide them with a secure and accurate email validator. Some databases have astonishingly high numbers of catch-alls. Our customers asked us to create a solution to further investigate these emails. We created ZeroBounce A.I., our artificial intelligence-powered scoring system, to address this very issue,” says ZeroBounce CEO Liviu Tanase.

ZeroBounce A.I. analyzes granular aspects of an email account to return a quality score. The score ranges from 0 to 10 and is a relevant indicator of an email’s validity and activity levels. This generates confidence in segmenting, emailing and tracking.

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The system is equally effective when it comes to rating the quality of other types of addresses.

ZeroBounce A.I. works whether you need to validate catch-all email addresses or get in-depth analysis of your data quality. We wanted our customers to gain an edge over their competitors and create more powerful email marketing programs,” adds Tanase.

With its predictive quality score, ZeroBounce A.I. helps marketers to:

  • receive further information on the catch-all email addresses in their lists
  • gain perspective on how subscribers will engage with email content
  • increase conversions by allowing better segmentation and personalization

ZeroBounce A.I. launched in June 2018 and has served numerous email marketing specialists worldwide.