zerobounce ceo liviu tanase

Q&A with ZeroBounce Founder Liviu Tanase, in Entrepreneur Magazine

We are excited to announce a very entertaining Q&A with ZeroBounce CEO Liviu Tanase! He appears in the prestigious Entrepreneur magazine. Tanase talks about how he cultivated a successful work culture and about his goals with email checker ZeroBounce.

Liviu talks to Entrepreneur

“Our culture is based on continuous innovation” says Liviu Tanase. He emphasizes how important it is for a company to offer a stellar product and focus on the profitability of its customers. We can only achieve success when we empower others to be successful, the young entrepreneur believes.

Referring to email validator ZeroBounce, Liviu Tanase states that it has become an industry leading mechanism. Right now, the email checker improves inbox deliverability for thousands of customers worldwide. “The entire team at ZeroBounce strives, each day, to deliver this value proposition to our clients,” Tanase says.

The company has offices in Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, Boca Raton, Romania and India.

You can find the interview here. Also, it will appear in print, in the next issue of Entrepreneur magazine, out on April 24th.

What should an email checker do?

If you feel like it’s hard to choose a good email checker, we have a few tips for you. Here are some of the things worth keeping in mind when you make your purchase:

@ look for accuracy. It’s the most important aspect, as inaccurate results take you nowhere.

@ how complex are the features? ZeroBounce is an email validator that removes bounces, spam traps and abuse emails. Furthermore, it takes care of catch-all, disposable, and role based email addresses.

@ data protection is mandatory. Your email checker should at least be GDPR compliant. ZeroBounce also has an EU-US Privacy Shield certification.

do you get anything else, or does your email checker only clean your list? For example, ZeroBounce also offers an Email Append feature. It adds missing info to your list about your subscribers. Besides that, with ZeroBounce, you get access to the smartest email scoring system on the market. ZeroBounce A.I. makes the most of artificial intelligence to rate the quality of your database.


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