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ZeroBounce: This Is What Happened in 2018

Everybody around us is noticing how fast this year has gone by, and we’re no exception. It’s been 12 months of intense work for us at ZeroBounce, but it’s nice to look back and see what we’ve accomplished. So many things happened in 2018! From the Affy Award we got at the Affiliate Summit, to the expansion of our email validation service and our A.I. email scoring system – each month has given us a reason to celebrate. As we’re getting ready to begin the new year, we want to thank you and share our amazing 2018 with you.


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@ We officially released the ZeroBounce Email Deliverability Guide. Put together by our own email geeks, this free resource has been helping many marketers get their emails in the inbox. Also, it got us featured on!

@ ZeroBounce won the Affy Award for Outstanding Internet Achievement. It happened at the Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas.

@ We turned one on January 26!


@ We partnered with Cloudflare for the very first time.


@ We relaunched our website. With a nicer design and a more responsive interface, the ZeroBounce email validation platform has been welcoming thousands of new customers since the spring.

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@ Our founder and CEO Liviu Tanase appeared in both the print and online version of Entrepreneur magazine. In the interview, he talked about his strategy of cultivating a winning work culture while driving his companies to success.

@ Our blog got a brand new layout! Stay tuned – another one coming soon!

@ Ahead of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) being enforced, ZeroBounce became fully GDPR compliant in April.


@ We started our Pinterest account.


@ We launched our most important project of the year: ZeroBounce A.I. The email scoring system scans email databases and returns quality scores for each email address.

@ Our CEO Liviu Tanase shared his best tips on generational email marketing in an article that appeared on

@ We introduced our money-back guarantee, a promise not many email validation services make.


@ Our CEO Liviu Tanase talked to Ari Zoldan about marketing to Millennials, in an article that appeared on

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@ CRMDialer integrated ZeroBounce on their platform to provide bulk email validation for their clients. It was the first customer relationship management (CRM) company on the market to provide a ZeroBounce integration.

@ We launched the second (and enhanced) version of our email validation API. The application now covers over 30 codes and sub-status codes.


@ We rolled out a Cloudflare integration designed to improve email hygiene. The ZeroBounce Subscribe widget provides real-time email verification to make sure you’re only gathering valid leads.

@ We introduced the Enterprise Solutions – unlimited email validation for our larger partners.


@ ZeroBounce reached a new threshold: over 2 billion emails validated to date! We shared more numbers with you here.

@ We started Let’s Talk About Email – a series of interviews on our blog that we’re going to expand in 2019.

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@ You got a brand-new bulk email verification API! For those of you with repetitive email validation needs, it’s proven to be a saver!

@ Our engineers completed two integrations: MailChimp and Constant Contact.


@ You left over 900 reviews on Trustpilot and Capterra. Thank you!

And thank you, again, for being here. By supporting our growth, you’ve allowed us to help you grow, too, and there’s nothing more inspiring than that.

Let’s have a fantastic 2019!