marketing authenticity

Authenticity Will Never Fall Out of Fashion

You can only pretend for so long before the mask falls off. Trying to be someone else might work for a little while, but it cannot sustain itself. That is why, in terms of values, authenticity is your brand’s most consistent asset.

It is never too early or too late to sit down and think about how accurately you convey your true self through your brand. Whether you have a blog, an interior decoration business, a clothing store or an insurance company, the way you present yourself will determine how people perceive you.

Why is authenticity important?

Let’s admit it: we all want to be perceived in a positive manner, and many of the things we do have this basic motivation. Some brands, though, fall into the pitfall of wanting to please everybody. This has been an impossible mission, so far, for anyone who has attempted it. But when you are not hesitant in expressing yourself, warts and all, you will exude a confidence that is going to translate to your image.

If you really think about it, authenticity is the ultimate form of honesty. All you do is tell the truth about what your company can do well and where your values are. Nowadays we have so many means of communication, that it’s easy to allow people to know you. Two of the most impactful platforms to connect with your audience are:


You don’t need any special recipes for success if your posts are meaningful and sincere. Avoid imitating anyone or applying so-called miraculous strategies. Honesty is the best strategy.


It offers you the chance to get closer to your customers and to develop a deeper connection to them. This is the number one place where being authentic can make the difference between poor and great responses.

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We all have an ideal image in our minds about who we would like to be, and there is nothing wrong in aspiring to be, as motivational writers say, the best version of ourselves. But, in the meantime, being exactly who we are right now, and not being afraid to show it – that is the most powerful and simple marketing technique.