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How to Strengthen Your Brand Through Email Marketing

Digital marketing offers companies multiple ways to build their brand. Websites, blogs, and the variety of social media channels are all tremendous platforms to showcase products, services and people. While the purpose shouldn’t focus on self-promotion, any business can take advantage of the opportunity to tell its story. When it comes to email marketing, that opportunity is even greater.

Email marketing and branding go hand in hand

Email marketing is more personal as it allows you to establish a closer relationship with your audience. Of course, maintaining a good email hygiene is essential for you to be able to reach your customers. But once you do, how can you improve your email marketing strategy to strengthen your brand?

What is a brand?

This is how the Business Dictionary defines the brand: “Unique design, sign, symbol, words, or a combination of these, employed in creating an image that identifies a product and differentiates it from its competitors.”

Your visuals

They create the first impression of your brand. When we meet someone, no matter how interesting they are as people, the first thing we notice about them is their appearance. The same applies to your brand. Your logo, the colors and fonts you use in your pictures and videos – they are all powerful elements of your brand.

TIP: Be consistent and use the same visuals in your email marketing as the ones on your website and social media. Also, try to stick to the same email template and the same photo editing and enhancing apps. This way people will recognize your brand more easily, wherever they see it.

Your tone of voice

Let’s go back to the analogy we made above: what’s the second step in human interaction? After they scan each other’s physical appearance, people start to talk. They notice each other’s voice and subconsciously analyze that information, as well. Your subscribers do the same when they open your email. They look at your visuals and they start reading your copy. They sit down and listen to you.

TIP: Try to keep the same tone of voice in your emails, and let it reflect your personality, just as your other platforms do. If your website is humorous, your social media and email marketing blasts should follow the same style. In your campaigns, you don’t want people to think that they just received an email from a stranger.

Your content

You may have the most appealing visuals and the most relatable tone of voice, but if what you communicate doesn’t resonate with your subscribers, you may eventually lose them.

TIP: Strive to become a thought leader in your field by offering the best content you can. People are willing to overlook a poor-quality picture or less well-written copy, as long as your message informs ad helps.

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Everything you put out there – on your website, social media or in your emails – is part of your image and is going to contribute to the public perception. Once you feel like you have a unitary email marketing strategy, find a good email checker and run your list through it to ensure you reach your subscribers. You can always try ZeroBounce for free when you register on our website!