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6 Easy Ways to Integrate Email with Social Media Marketing

What are some of the best ways to integrate email with social media marketing? Surya Ranjan Pandita, SEO Strategist at SocialPilot, talks about his favorite tactics below.

The benefits of integrating email with social media marketing

Social media and email can both be robust stand-alone marketing channels. According to GlobalWebIndex, 54% of consumers use social media to research products. Also, 80% of business professionals believe that email marketing increases customer retention, HubSpot shows.

Now, imagine the benefits of integrating email with social media marketing and having them work together, in unison, to boost your brand and sales.

However, email and social media are quite different. On one side, social media helps you build a brand image and connect with your audience. Email, on the other side, is a more personal communication medium and thus, needs its own approach.

Let’s take a closer look at how each channel works and understand the benefits of using them in tandem.

tactics to integrate email with social media marketing

Boost your marketing metrics

When focusing on email marketing alone, brands usually miss out on directing their audience to a landing page or even in guiding them to share it. Integrating social media marketing with your email marketing will not only increase the chances of your email getting shared but also boost your conversion rate – hence boosting your marketing metrics.

Pro Tip: You can also evaluate your website’s traffic by checking it regularly and comparing data from different months to see how your metrics are doing.

Gain more subscribers

How much do you use social media to promote your email list and add more subscribers to it? Moreover, how are you using email to expand your social audience?

This is one of the most basic tactics you can use to see growth on each platform, but still, many brands aren’t taking advantage of it. Start by posting about your newsletters and marketing emails on social media and invite your followers to subscribe. Similarly, embed your social profiles in your email template so anyone can find, like, and follow your brand.

Each platform comes with different opportunities to interact with your audience. Explore them and test different approaches until you find what works best.

Pro tip: Make it easy for your subscribers to share your email. Double-check your “View in browser” button to ensure your email opens in another window and can be shared. Giving your subscribers ways to talk about you allows you to further market your brand as word of mouth is louder than most marketing attempts.

Reach your audience where it likes to hang out

The people who like and follow your brand have different lives, schedules, and preferences. Some might be more active on social media, while others may check their emails more often than anything else.

When integrating email and social media marketing, you give your audience a choice. They’re the ones who get to choose where they want to interact with you, and that’s a benefit for them and for you, as well.

How to integrate social media into your email marketing strategy

Now, let’s dive into some of the most effective techniques of using email together with social media.

Embed an email sign-up form on Facebook

Facebook can be a gold mine for marketers like you. If you use it well, your Facebook business page can help you build a community around your brand, drive traffic to your site, and subscribers to your list.

For instance, Facebook allows you to embed an email sign-up form on your page so that your followers can subscribe to your emails within seconds. Creating your own “Sign Up” button doesn’t take long and is one of the best approaches to get new prospects into your digital marketing funnel.

Here is how FreshMail embedded a “Sign Up” option on their Facebook page.

how to integrate email with social media markerting

Put your Instagram bio to good use

Instagram is a visual platform, and as visuals induce 650% more engagement than text-based posts, it’s become a go-to place for so many people nowadays. Also, it’s on its way to becoming a one-stop solution for e-commerce retailers. This platform lets you add links in your bio section and businesses have been taking advantage of it since the beginning.

You can start by creating a visual-based Instagram post to draw engagement. Then, you can refer people to the link in your bio where they can subscribe to your emails.

To get subscribers from Instagram, you can simply edit your bio and add a link there. Anyone who visits your profile will then be able to follow the link and get on your mailing list.

how to get email subscribers on Instagram

Pin a tweet

Twitter is a social media platform that works very well for some and not so much for others. It all depends on how much time you have to engage with other profiles and create the right kind of content.

That doesn’t mean you can’t tweet an invitation for people to subscribe to your email updates. Let them know how often you email and what type of content they can expect from you. Tweet, then don’t forget to pin your post at the top of your page. This way, it will be the first thing that shows up when someone visits your profile.

Of course, you can do the same on Facebook.

how to boost email subscriptions on Twitter

Add live social media feeds in your emails

If you get good engagement on your social media profiles, this can be an excellent opportunity for you. I would suggest third-party software tools – such as Zapier – that allow you to integrate live social media feeds into your emails.

Whenever you send a new tweet or make a new Instagram post, these live social media feeds update automatically. So your subscribers are more likely to chime in and interact with you on social.

This is how Dunkin’ integrated email with its social media marketing: appealing visuals are key.

Dunkin integrating email with social media marketing

Add social buttons to your “Thank you” page

When someone subscribes to your emails, how can you further entice them to interact with you on social? A good place to start is your “Thank you for subscribing” page. If people reach this page, they’re definitely interested in what you have to offer.

You can use this moment by adding your social buttons on that page. To take things even further, consider creating a compelling offer in return for connecting with your brand on social media. This way, you’re not only expanding your email list but also increasing your social media engagement.

email marketing subscription page

Organize social media giveaways to grow your email list

You may think this tactic has been overused, but it’s still yielding results for many brands. Organizing a social media giveaway can entice many people to subscribe to your mailing list – fast.

For instance, you can announce a contest on social media where you invite people to subscribe and participate. It’s easy to do, see how Jenna Kutcher did it on Instagram.

social media giveaway

As you can see, there are many ways to integrate your email and social media marketing, and meet your audience on both channels. Instead of setting limitations to your business, explore these options and keep testing them until you nail the best techniques.

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Surya Ranjan Pandita is an SEO Strategist at SocialPilot. He loves testing new strategies to optimize content. Connect with him on Facebook or  LinkedIn.