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Real-Time Email Verification: ZeroBounce Subscribe, in your Cloudflare account

We’re excited to share with you that we’ve just rolled out a Cloudflare integration designed to improve your email hygiene. The new ZeroBounce Subscribe widget provides real-time email verification to make sure you’re only gathering valid leads.

Real-time email verification: ZeroBounce Subscribe

The ZeroBounce Subscribe widget is an email subscriber collecting tool that verifies email addresses in real time. Our engineers have worked hard in the past few weeks to develop this integration, and now you can make the most of it.

So, how does it work?

The widget validates subscribers instantly, ensuring that all email addresses are accurate and safe to use. It integrates directly with your ZeroBounce account, and doesn’t require much effort to install.

What does it do?

It turns your email list into the conversion platform you’ve always wanted it to be.

Ready to start using it?

Your real-time email verification widget is just a few clicks away!

Once installed, the ZeroBounce Subscribe widget will appear as a hovering icon on the edge of your platform. We’ve made it easy for you to customize the widget’s position, so it won’t be intrusive for your visitors. Whenever someone hovers over the icon, they’ll see a form where they can enter their email address to subscribe to your emails.

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Real-time email verification, and much more!

Let’s take a look at all of the features you get access to with your ZeroBounce Subscribe widget:

  • 99%+ guaranteed email verification accuracy
  • You can customize your call-to-action
  • The drag and drop editor makes for easy personalization
  • Non-intrusive hovering icon
  • Easily position on the edge of your website
  • Fully encrypted
  • Spam trap removal
  • Greylist checking
  • Catch-all emails detection
  • Bad domain verification
  • Duplicate emails removal
  • Allows you to collect IP addresses for future re-targeting campaigns
  • Email Data Append – first and last name, gender, and other details
  • Extract verified emails from your ZeroBounce account
  • GDPR  compliant, EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield certified
  • 100 free monthly email verification credits when you set up your ZeroBounce account

You will be able to view and download your subscribers’ email addresses directly from your ZeroBounce dashboard. We streamlined the whole process for you to be able to enjoy this integration at its full capacity.

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Have you tried the new API?

The ZeroBounce – Cloudflare integration rolls out weeks after we launched the new version of our email verification API.

ZeroBounce API V2 now covers over 30 status and sub-status codes to give you a clearer picture of your email list quality. It’s easy to install and validates your new subscribers in a matter of seconds.

We’d also like to thank you for the great feedback you sent us about your new favorite email scoring system, ZeroBounce A.I.! In just a few months since its release, our artificial intelligence-driven validator has made a real difference in your data quality. That’s what drives us every day to innovate and create your ideal email verification service.

Our engineers are currently working on more integrations for you, so stay tuned and we’ll be back with more great news!