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Let’s Talk About Email: Iris Iordanoiu

Our guest today, in the Let’s Talk About Email series, is our Customer Success specialist Iris Iordanoiu. She loves cats (and cat videos), learned to dance like Michael Jackson, doesn’t say “no” to some online shopping, and can smell spam from a distance. Oh, and she tells you what the biggest email marketing no-no is, so stay tuned for a great interview.

Let’s talk about email with Iris!

Best email you received today:

One that had a video with cats chasing toys. It was from a local pet shop – they know how to advertise cat food. Who doesn’t love cat videos?

Most intriguing subject line you ever got:

‘DON’T OPEN THIS!’ and when I opened it, the first line said: ‘ *sigh*, you did it, you little rebel!’ And I found it pretty hilarious.

Your biggest email pet peeve:

When someone misspells my name when it’s right there, staring them in the face. Also, emails with grammatical errors. I recently received one saying something like: ‘Long waited Black Friday promotions! THEIR finally here!’ Normally, I would’ve read it, but that was the moment I lost my interest.

If you could email any famous person, it would be:

It would’ve been Michael Jackson. How else could I have learned those dance moves from the music video “Smooth Criminal”? Or Avicii. I love his music, it energizes me.

An email you wish you had never sent:

I once congratulated a former colleague of mine for being pregnant. The thing is she never was, another colleague of mine thought their name was similar. And this is how the situation ended up in total confusion.

What you most love about email:

I really love that you can personalize it however you want. Formal emails? OK! Informal ones? Done. Newsletters, entertaining emails with funny pictures, e-cards, plain text emails? You can send anything in an email!

An email you’d be happy to get: 

I don’t know about other people, but I surely get excited when I get one that starts with ‘Your order has been shipped’.

Funniest or most unusual email address you’ve ever seen: Not sure if anyone has ever validated that address.

No.1 reason why you unsubscribe:

Messages like “make money from home” or “you won a special gift, a mobile phone, a car and money!!!” are suspicious. I highly doubt someone would just give those things to me. False promises and vast amounts of exclamation marks, along subject lines that include words like “cheap,” “credit”  and “incredible deal” reek of spam! If it looks like spam, I will totally unsubscribe!

Biggest no-no in an email campaign:

Sending too many emails. Especially when you promised your subscribers you won’t bother them with more than one or two emails a week! Also, make sure you know your audience. See that your message is clear, and try to keep your emails highly relevant to the people in your list.

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Who is Iris?

Iris has been working at ZeroBounce for almost a year now, and she’s accomplished a lot during this time. Thousands of customers have left our email validation platform happy after Iris guided them on using our bulk email verifier.

A true email geek, Iris can’t wait to show you how our system works and to give you a couple of deliverability tips. Learn more about her by visiting her LinkedIn profile!