Let’s Talk About Email: George Berar

We invited George Berar, serial entrepreneur and ZeroBounce Board Member, to join our Let’s Talk About Email Section. In between checking his inbox, Mr. Berar told us about the most intriguing subject line he ever saw, and what makes him hit the Unsubscribe button.

Let’s talk about email with George Berar!

Best email you received today:

Of course, an email from Liviu. 🙂

Most intriguing subject line you ever got: 

“Black Friday shoppers are the worst customers” – LinkedIn

“Big news. But it’s a secret” – Dollar Shave Club

Your biggest email pet peeve:

When text messages turn into emails.

If you could email any famous person, dead or alive, it would be: 

Steve Jobs and Abraham Lincoln.

An email you wish you had never sent:

So many…. 🙂

What you most love about email:

It’s not owned by anyone, its just a protocol that everyone can use.

An email you’d be happy to get:

One from my kids.

Funniest or most unusual email address you’ve ever seen: And they rent scooters. 🙂

No.1 reason why you unsubscribe:

Not being interested. I am too busy to be interested in immediate offers. If I need something, I usually go find it.

Biggest no-no in a marketing email:

Emailing people that are not engaged. If they haven’t been, they’re not going to become engaged now.

email verifier

Your guide to email deliverability

Since Mr. Berar mentioned unengaged subscribers, we wanted to leave you with a resource that touches on this point, as well. Our experts at ZeroBounce put together a guide to help you get your emails in your subscribers’ inboxes. From very simple things to more complex technical approaches, every advice in this free resource is going to bring you closer to email deliverability success.

Consult our Complete Guide to Email Deliverability

A key factor: email hygiene

If you email your list frequently, you’re probably familiar with the term “email hygiene.” As you can guess, it defines how healthy (and thus safe) your database is.

Is your bounce rate over 2%? That means there are some invalid addresses you could get rid of, because they pose a risk to your sender reputation.

Do you constantly get abuse complaints? Then you obviously have some complainers on your mailing list. For some reason, they think your emails are Spam, so it’s best to stop your communication towards them.

These were just a couple of examples of risky contacts that may be endangering your reputation and deliverability. Also, there are spam traps, disposable, role based and catch-all addresses that bring you absolutely no benefit. In fact, they’re harming your business more than you think.

email verification tools

So, what’s the solution?

We know how much time and effort it takes to grow your email list. Every new subscriber makes you happy, and that’s only natural. But growing a list shouldn’t be a numbers game. Just like getting lots of fake followers on Instagram won’t take you anywhere, having a ton of invalid addresses only means you have a ton of invalid leads.

That’s why pruning your list and making sure you’re only emailing genuine people is so important. An email verification system will reduce your database, but will improve its quality. And marketing, more than anything, is about communicating to quality leads.

Have you ever tried an email verifier? How did that reflect in the results of your campaigns?

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