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Email Validation Service ZeroBounce Helps Marketers Run More Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

NEW YORK, NY (PRWEB) MAY 24, 2017 — ZeroBounce provides email validation services to users seeking a reliable tool that has a direct impact on the success of their email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is a 4.5 billion dollar market and research suggests that it could grow to as much as 22 billion in the next ten years. Most recently, small and medium-sized businesses are investing more in their online marketing budget, with email campaigns leading in both ROI and allocation.

The trending increase in email marketing is due to a better understanding of the customer and pinpointed email delivery services.

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Email Validation 

ZeroBounce can determine if an email address is good or bad.

Catch-All Domains 

Some domains mask validity, meaning email addresses will always report as good, even when they’re bad. ZeroBounce’s email validation technology uses algorithms to detect catch-all domains and identify which emails are unable to be validated (compared to other providers that unknowingly report bad emails as good).

Abuse Accounts 

Not everyone is on board with the email marketing trend, even when they knowingly subscribe to your list. These users are notorious for marking messages as spam, which poses a high risk to brands building a healthy sender reputation. Unlike its competitors, ZeroBounce has compiled a list of known abusers (or complainers) to help companies reach the right audience.

Spam Traps 

Based on internal research via a series of algorithms, ZeroBounce can detect email accounts that are connected with industry-wide blacklists, a huge inconvenience that can derail an entire campaign.

Do Not Mail Accounts 

The ZeroBounce email validation system detects role-based emails (support@, info@, sales@, etc.) as well as domains belonging to companies that shouldn’t be sent marketing messages.

Disposable Emails 

ZeroBounce detects temporary email accounts used to mask real email addresses.

Toxic Domains 

ZeroBounce detects toxic domains, these domains are known for abuse, spam, and bot created emails.


ZeroBounce detects emails that can’t be validated with accurate determination of whether they are good or bad. On average, over 80% of all unknowns end up being bad emails, but it’s not always a permanent issue. ZeroBounce allows clients to re-validate these emails at a different time and doesn’t charge customers for unknown results.

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Add data to your list so you can reach your target audience

In addition to these key email validation benefits, ZeroBounce provides customers with data and IP appending features. This ensures higher quality data and more effective segmentation capabilities.

Data Appends 

ZeroBounce can append basic information (first name, last name, gender, location, account creation date) to data when available.

IP Appends 

ZeroBounce can append information about the IP address (country, state/region, city, and zip code of IP registration) of the email address that registered or opted-in for advertising.

The importance of list segmentation

Segmentation and timing are critical in email marketing. Thus, data such as the age of the target customers, the usage patterns by males vs. females, and geographic segmentation is essential.

Traditionally, search, display, and video advertisers have used these segmentation techniques. Now, email marketers have a reliable segmentation tool as well.

When marketers segment and enhance their lists with additional information, targeting the right consumer with the best advertising campaign increases their probability of success.

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The importance of data security

Security in data is also paramount. At ZeroBounce, all files uploaded and downloaded are encrypted and password-protected. The email validation system never stores customer data. Furthermore, once a customer deletes data from the system, all aspects of the data are erased.

Chris Purser, the CTO of Digital Power Sports shared his experience using the tool.

“ZeroBounce APIs have been pivotal in helping us provide leads that are insanely accurate,” he says. “Their resource rich Data Appends feature provides a pathway to the most important statistic: higher conversion rates for our customers,” Purser adds.

Data validation is truly responsible for helping an email marketing campaign go from average to outstanding.

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