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ZeroBounce Perfects Real-Time Email Validation System to Improve Email Hygiene

Boca Raton, Florida – ZeroBounce perfects its real-time email validation system to help businesses operate in a safer and more productive digital environment. The email verifier has recently upgraded its Application Program Interface (API) to support better email hygiene for its customers.

Updates to the real-time email validation service

Companies that rely on email to communicate and manage their customer relationships are making efforts to protect themselves from invalid and risky email addresses. ZeroBounce commits to supporting these efforts with the new, enhanced version of its API, which streamlines the real-time email validation process.

Once integrated on a platform, the ZeroBounce API prevents unwanted signups and registrations. The system acts like a protective shield on newsletter forms, contact and lead forms, or customer relationship management forms.

“Email validation has proven its efficiency in different sectors of our digital businesses. Companies validate emails for many purposes: to maximize their email marketing programs, to eliminate fraud and phishing, and to ensure they communicate and do business with real people. Our custom API stops bots in their tracks, prevents typos on registration forms, and ensures companies are collecting genuine, valuable email addresses,” ZeroBounce CEO Liviu Tanase says.

The ZeroBounce API now covers over 30 status and sub_status codes. In a matter of seconds, it detects misspelled, temporary, catch-all, disposable and many more unwanted email addresses.

The most recent API upgrade follows the launch of ZeroBounce A.I., the most innovative email scoring system on the market, based on artificial intelligence.