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India Enacts the Digital Personal Data Protection Act (DPDP) – And ZeroBounce Maintains Compliance

India enacted the Digital Personal Data Protection Act recently. Learn more about India’s data security regulations, and the steps ZeroBounce is taking to maintain compliance.

On August 11, 2023 the Government of India enacted the Digital Personal Data Protection Act (“Indian Data Protection Act”). However, the Indian Data Protection Act is yet to come into force. 

India’s Digital Personal Data Protection Act is awaiting implementation

First, the Government needs to prepare the rules and procedures that will serve as the guardrails for the implementation of the Indian Data Protection Act. The institution will also set up the data protection board under the Indian Data Protection Act and lay down the rules for its operation.  

The Government of India aims to complete these actions over the next six to ten months. Also, it may choose to bring into force the various provisions of the Indian Data Protection Act in a staggered manner. Furthermore, the government may take input from the industry and other stakeholders in the data protection spectrum that would be impacted by the new law. 

ZeroBounce is compliant with the Indian Information Technology Act

In the meantime, the provisions of the Indian Information Technology Act, which ZeroBounce is fully compliant with, continue to govern. 

As part of ZeroBounce’s commitment to compliance with all applicable privacy laws and directives, we have been actively monitoring developments with the Indian Data Protection Act. We will continue to monitor and update our policies as necessary. 

ZeroBounce offers Indian platform to comply with India’s DPDP law

In November 2022, ZeroBounce launched an India platform to comply with India’s laws for the management of personal data. processes all customer data strictly within India, easing concerns about the country’s data privacy laws.

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ZeroBounce’s India platform allows customers to store and process all their data solely within India. Our company hosts all its related services in India, including the front and back-end website.

The Digital Personal Data Protection Act, proposed in 2018

With India making up its second largest segment of customers, ZeroBounce took proactive steps to respond to India’s DPDP Bill. went live in the wake of the bill’s then-latest draft. 

First proposed in 2018, the bill aims to give individuals greater control over their data privacy. Over the years, it’s had several iterations, including a withdrawal in August 2022.

“We created our India platform to provide our customers in India with additional comfort regarding data management,” says ZeroBounce CEO Liviu Tanase.

“In 2023 and beyond, our team consults India digital data laws regularly and continues to update our India platform’s functionality to comply with the Digital Personal Data Protection Act,” the CEO added.

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