BriteVerify Review

Is It A Good Email Validation Tool?

Are email bounces affecting your marketing campaigns? BriteVerify promises to reduce bounces and improve deliverability. But is it the best email validation tool for your business? In this Briteverify review, we look at the software’s accuracy, features, pricing, and customer support quality.

If you're an email marketer or business owner facing high bounce rates, you know it’s time to clean your email list. When your bounce rate exceeds 2%, your newsletter and email campaigns can begin going to the junk folder.

According to a recent ZeroBounce report, 15% of consumers never check their junk folders, while 27% check them only a few times a year.

To avoid landing in spam and get your campaigns into the inbox instead, you need a reliable email validation tool. That way you can:

  • Reduce bounces and improve your reputation with popular email service providers
  • Connect with your prospects in the inbox
  • Increase your email conversion rates.

Thinking of cleaning your email list with BriteVerify? It’s a popular email validation tool that helps reduce bounces and enhance deliverability. But with several options available, let's dive into BriteVerify's features, verification accuracy, and performance to see how it stacks up against competitors.

What is BriteVerify?

BriteVerify is an email validation and deliverability service under Validity, a company specializing in email optimization solutions. BriteVerify promises to help businesses maintain clean email lists by identifying invalid, risky, and inactive email addresses.

BriteVerify features

If you’ve done some research on email verification services, you probably know there are several ways to clean and maintain your email database. Like other providers, BriteVerify offers a few options to allow for flexibility and efficiency. Let’s see how they work and whether BriteVerify is exactly what your business needs.

Bulk email verification

If you need to check your entire email list, you’ll probably choose the bulk email verification option. BriteVerify allows you to do this through a bulk email validation API. This feature identifies invalid, disposable, and role-based email addresses, ensuring better email list quality.

However, BriteVerify’s email verification tool presents some limitations.

As opposed to some competitors like ZeroBounce, BriteVerify’s software does not:

  • Detect abuse emails (accounts belonging to people who could report your emails as spam)
  • Identify spam traps (high-risk email addresses that could get you blacklisted)
  • Remove duplicate email addresses at no cost.

On the other hand, BriteVerify also validates U.S. and Canadian phone numbers. If this feature adds value to your digital marketing and sales, you may be content with fewer email verification features.

Real-time email verification

Once they’ve checked their entire email list, many companies want to prevent poor-quality data from entering their databases again. BriteVerify gives you that option via a real-time email verification API. You can integrate it into your sign-up forms to ensure only valid email addresses enter your database.

Of course, the real-time email validation API has the same limitations as the bulk cleaning software. Some risky email contacts will go undetected and make their way onto your email list.

Single email verification

For quick checks, BriteVerify also supports single email verification. This feature is useful for sales and support teams needing to validate emails on the go.

Next, in our review, let’s explore BriteVerify’s email verification accuracy, speed, integrations, and customer feedback.

BriteVerify accuracy for email validation

Accuracy is the main concern for most businesses when choosing an email verifier. You need a reliable, effective tool that can spot any fake and risky contacts and help you prevent bounces.

BriteVerify boasts an accuracy rate of 97+%, which is respectable but slightly lower than its competitors. For marketers and sales professionals always under pressure to deliver better results, BriteVerify’s offer may come short in this respect.

BriteVerify speed and performance

BriteVerify claims its software can verify an email address in about 0.5 seconds. On average, it can check 4,000 contacts per minute, so it would clean a list of 100,000 email addresses in about 25 minutes.

But the size of your email list will affect the time it takes to check an email address. While a single contact can be verified almost instantly, a database of thousands of subscribers may slow things down.

Want to see a one-on-one comparison between BriteVerify and ZeroBounce?

BriteVerify pricing

BriteVerify's pricing is relatively straightforward, offering both pay-as-you-go and subscription options for email verification. It’s unclear whether you must buy a minimum number of credits. But on the pricing page, it seems that customers need to purchase at least 5,000 email validation credits, at $40.

Pricing starts at $0.0080 per credit and begins to decrease at the 20,000 credit level. BriteVerify charges $80 to clean a list of 10,000 email addresses.

Here are three cost-related aspects worth noting:

  • BriteVerify doesn’t mention the opportunity of a free trial. Many – if not all – of its competitors provide new customers with free testing credits. Some email validation companies offer free credits regularly.
  • The company hides its subscription prices. To find out how much a subscription plan costs, you have to contact the sales department.
  • All your email verification credits expire after a year. For example, if you’d like to stock up on credits during a promotion, you’ll have to make sure you use them before the expiration date. BriteVerify competitors like ZeroBounce allow you to keep your credits forever.

BriteVerify ease of use and integrations

BriteVerify has a friendly interface, making the email validation tool easy to navigate and use. It integrates with popular platforms like MailChimp, HubSpot and Salesforce to streamline your workflows. However, there seems to be a limited number of integrations available – with most integration capabilities supported via Zapier.

This limitation may be a significant downside for busy marketers and business owners like you, as you’d need a Zapier account to connect BriteVerify to the platforms you use.

BriteVerify customer support

BriteVerify offers customer support via email and chat. While the support is generally helpful, there have been reports of slow response times during peak hours.

Phone support is available only Monday through Friday, between 4:00 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. EST. There is no chat support, so if you prefer written communication, email may be your best option.

BriteVerify customer reviews

BriteVerify does not have many reviews to give you an idea of how customers feel about the email validation tool.

On Trustpilot, the company has only one review, rating the service at 3.7 stars out of five. On Capterra, BriteVerify has earned a higher rating (4.7 stars), but it’s based on just three reviews. The only platform where BriteVerify has gathered more feedback is G2, where it got 4 stars out of 5. Users appreciate the interface, the easy-to-use product, and the straightforward reports on their email verification results.

On the other hand, several reviews advise potential customers to be aware of the “terrible service and sneaky billing practices.” Users seem to be disappointed that their credits expire after one year and that contracts require a 60-day cancellation notice. One customer states that billing issues began to occur once BriteVerify was acquired by Validity.

Data protection and security at BriteVerify

BriteVerify has robust data protection and security measures across its services. The company complies with security and privacy standards such as GDPR and Privacy Shield. This compliance ensures that the data handled is protected according to international regulations, providing a secure environment for global clients​.

Data is protected through strong encryption protocols both in transit and at rest. BriteVerify also employs multi-factor authentication and strict access controls to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information​.

To prevent any data security issues, BriteVerify never stores your data in its systems for more than seven days.

BriteVerify alternatives and competitors

Many email validation tools are available, but BriteVerify’s main competitors are NeverBounce, ZeroBounce, EmailListVerify, and Kickbox. Next in our review, let’s take a quick look at how BriteVerify compares to these services.


NeverBounce offers similar features to BriteVerify, but its accuracy rate is 99%, so you’ll get access to a more precise email verifier. Unfortunately, just like BriteVerify’s credits for email validation, NeverBounce credits expire after one year.


ZeroBounce also offers a higher accuracy than BriteVerify – 99%. Moreover, it stands out with its additional features like email scoring, activity data, and deliverability tools. It also offers better customer support, and verification credits never expire.


EmailListVerify promises a 99% deliverability rate. The software removes spam traps, offers both bulk and real-time email list cleaning, and a decent number of integrations. One downside is that subscription costs for daily email validations can be steep: $139 for 5,000 emails a day.


Kickbox is another BriteVerify alternative with 99% accuracy and competitive pricing. As opposed to BriteVerify, the platform also provides an email deliverability toolkit so you can further boost your inbox placement. However, Kickbox lacks some of the advanced features that ZeroBounce offers, such as an email validator specialized in checking disabled Yahoo-related addresses.

ZeroBounce features

ZeroBounce comes packed with features that make email validation a breeze. Whether you're looking to validate a massive email list or fine-tune your email deliverability, ZeroBounce has you covered. Let’s dive into what makes ZeroBounce stand out from the rest.

ZeroBounce features

Bulk & real-time email validation

Email scoring

Activity Data

Verify+ from ZeroBounce

Email deliverability tools

Email authentication tools

Email finder

24/7 customer support

The No. 1 email validation service for 350,000+ clients

Bulk and real-time email validation

ZeroBounce provides both bulk and real-time email validation, ensuring your lists are clean and deliverable at all times. If it’s been a while since you verified your email database, it’s best to start with the bulk option. The process is simple: upload your file, hit “Validate,” then download your results.

ZeroBounce provides extensive documentation so you can clearly understand why certain email addresses are risky – so you can remove them from your list.

Single email verification

Need to check just a few email addresses? You can do that with ZeroBounce – just type it in, and the email validation tool will return a result within less than three seconds. Every month, you receive 100 free credits.

Verify+ from ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce's Verify+ feature checks disabled Yahoo, AOL, and Verizon emails, offering superior accuracy for these domains. Yahoo-related email addresses have been a challenge for email marketers in the past few years. In their disabled state, they can’t be verified with traditional methods as their status still returns as valid. Verify+ from ZeroBounce is the first tool that checks these contacts with 99% accuracy.

Email scoring

ZeroBounce's email scoring tool evaluates the quality of email addresses, helping you prioritize high-value contacts. This tool is especially useful when validating catch-all emails and helps you determine which ones you can keep.

Activity data

This feature provides insights into the last time an email address was active, helping with list segmentation and engagement strategies. Whenever you check your email list, you can simply tick the Activity Data box, and ZeroBounce will add these insights to your results. It costs one credit per email address.

Email deliverability tools

ZeroBounce includes tools for inbox placement testing, blacklist monitoring, and email server configuration to boost your deliverability rates. Hitting Send doesn’t have to feel like a shot in the dark anymore. You can see if your email will go to the inbox and get an alert if your IP or domain has been blocked.

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Email authentication tools

ZeroBounce helps with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC setup and monitoring, essential for email security and deliverability. Google and Yahoo made email authentication mandatory for mass senders. Ensure you protect your domain so your emails can go to the inbox. ZeroBounce makes this process easy with the right tools and a team of experts who can assist you.

Email finder

ZeroBounce's email finder helps you locate and validate email addresses, boosting your lead-generation efforts. The tool doesn’t use any stored data but gathers these contacts in real time. The best part? ZeroBounce’s email finder uses the platform’s 99% accurate email checker to ensure the validity of your results.

Data protection and security at ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce has probably the most robust security protocols in the industry. The company’s data protection framework stands out, including strict encryption standards, continuous system monitoring, and rigorous internal audits.

The company has obtained several security certifications:

  • GDPR compliance: Ensures customer data is managed according to EU regulations.
  • SOC 2 Type 2: This framework evaluates ZeroBounce at regular intervals, ensuring it meets criteria like data security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.
  • ISO/IEC 27001: ZeroBounce’s compliance with this international standard ensures comprehensive data security management.
  • PCI Compliance: Protects financial data during transactions with firewalls, antivirus tools, and regular threat assessments.
  • HIPAA compliance: Meets U.S. health data security standards.
  • CCPA compliance: Complies with California’s consumer privacy regulations.
  • Data Privacy Framework (DPF): ZeroBounce complies with this set of regulations (EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Data Privacy Framework), which provides companies with the mechanisms to transfer personal data securely during transatlantic commerce.

You can read more about data protection at ZeroBounce here.

ZeroBounce customer support

If you go through online reviews of ZeroBounce, you’ll notice recurring mentions of the company’s excellent customer service. ZeroBounce was the first email validation company to offer 24/7 live customer support all year round, including holidays. Getting a response via the chat box takes only seconds. At any time, you can connect with one of our experts and get help with any email-related questions you may have.

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Is BriteVerify worth it?

By now you should have a much better idea about BriteVerify’s features, pricing, and customer feedback. It could be a reliable email validation tool for your company, but with some of its competitors offering slightly better packages, you may still have doubts.

Before you go, let’s do a quick recap of BriteVerify! Here are the pros and cons.

Pros of using BriteVerify:

  • Ease of use: user-friendly interface
  • Speed: BriteVerify claims it can check 4,000 emails/minute
  • Data protection: healthy protocols to safeguard customer information
  • Native integrations with Salesforce and Iterable
  • Pricing for pay-as-you-go verification credits is straightforward

Cons of using BriteVerify:

  • Accuracy: 97%, lower than some of its competitors
  • Pricing: higher than some of its competitors
  • No transparency for subscription pricing - you must reach out to the sales team
  • Customer support: limited (email and phone)
  • Reviews: only 3.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot; 4 stars out of 5 on G2
  • Credits expire in a year

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Considering all the factors, ZeroBounce offers a more comprehensive suite of tools, higher accuracy, and better customer support. If you want to enhance your email marketing efforts, try ZeroBounce.

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Frequently asked questions

BriteVerify is an email validation service that helps maintain clean email lists by identifying invalid and some risky email addresses. Offering an accuracy rate of 97%, BriteVerify is a popular email verifier that was acquired by Validity in 2018.

BriteVerify verifies email addresses in bulk and in real time to help you reduce bounce rates and improve your sender reputation. BriteVerify’s email validation tool can detect invalid, disposable, and catch-all emails, but may not be able to identify abuse emails and spam traps.

Yes, BriteVerify offers tools for bulk and real-time email verification to help clean your email list. The accuracy of the BriteVerify email checker is 97%.

BriteVerify checks email addresses for correct syntax and valid domains, reducing the chances of bounces due to typographical errors or inactive domains.