ZeroBounce + Salesforce

The official Salesforce ZeroBounce integration tool

ZeroBounce is proud to share its official integration for the Salesforce platform. You can now utilize the ZeroBounce email validation tool to validate single emails or batch email lists from your Contacts and Leads.

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Includes 100 free monthly email verifications

Salesforce is the market's most popular enterprise customer relationship manager (CRM) platform. With its expansive sales and task management tools suite, Salesforce helps you find the fastest and safest ways to grow your business.

Now - you can add the ZeroBounce email validation API to your list of must-have Salesforce integrations; find us within the Salesforce App Exchange!

But first - check out the new features waiting for you!

Salesforce ZeroBounce integration features

Effortless installation - No more complex configuration or installation. Easily install the ZeroBounce app via the Salesforce app exchange and start validating emails fast.

Single email validation - Validate any email address in your Salesforce CRM with one click

Batch email validation - Clean emails in bulk by filtering and creating custom lists from your database

Automatic email validation - Automatically validate all new lead/contact emails any time a record is updated by clicking a toggle

Create custom email list segments - Use the easy setup process to create lists for validation using custom logic rapidly

Retrieve Activity Data - Want to know which valid email contacts are most active? Get insights by selecting Activity Data for any validated email address on your list

Scheduled email validation - Schedule email validation or Activity Data for any selected batch. Triggers daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or at a custom interval.

Credit balance retrieval - Unsure if you have enough credits to verify emails? Stay up-to-date by checking your balance via your Salesforce account.

Install on chosen profiles - Control which team members can use the ZeroBounce app. Install for admins, specific profiles, or all users.

How to install the Salesforce email verification app

Installing the ZeroBounce Salesforce email verification app is easier than ever!

1. Head over to the Salesforce App Exchange and click “Get It Now.”

Select which accounts should have access to the email validation tool.

Approve third-party access.

Validate your ZeroBounce API key (you can find this by visiting the API tab from your ZeroBounce dashboard).

And you’re all set!

For the definitive user guide and more information on how to create lists or scheduled validations, check out the documentation below.

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The best Salesforce email verification solution

The ZeroBounce Salesforce email validator API is the most reliable way to stop fake, disposable, abuse, and catch-all emails from harming your email deliverability.

To get started, you’ll need a free Zerobounce account for your free credits and your API key. All accounts get 100 free email verification credits monthly for testing. Then, you can get more credits as needed to verify your Salesforce contacts.

Get started with the Salesforce integration today to keep your email bounce rate below 2% with 99% accuracy!

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ZeroBounce account required

Create a free account

Includes 100 free monthly email verifications

Salesforce Zapier Integration

The ZeroBounce Salesforce integration is also available via Zapier. Zapier is a third-party platform that allows you to connect your various applications and automate tasks through their dashboard.
When you add our email validator API to the countless powerful Salesforce features, you know you’re on the right path to a better CRM experience. Our validation tool ensures that your email lists contain only valid, fresh contacts to get more out of your marketing efforts.
Run your campaigns correctly by identifying and removing spam traps, abuse emails, catch-alls, toxic domains, and more. The ZeroBounce API guarantees 99% accuracy and helps over 325,000 customers eliminate unnecessary bounces and improve their open rates.
To use this Zap, make sure you have an active ZeroBounce account. You can create one at any time with your preferred subscription or pay-as-you-go plan. Test out this Zapier connection with 100 free email validations on us.
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New ContactTriggers when a new contact is created.
New OpportunityTriggers when a new opportunity is created.
New CaseTriggers when a new case is created.
New AccountTriggers when a new account is created.
New TaskTriggers when a new task is created.
New CampaignTriggers when a new campaign is created.
New Custom Object TypeTriggers when you add a new type of custom object to Salesforce. Typically you want to use the "New Custom Object" trigger, not this.
New NoteTriggers when a new note is created.
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New Outbound MessageTriggered when a new Outbound Message is received.
Closed OpportunityTriggers when an opportunity is closed.
New FolderTriggers when a new folder is created.
New EventTriggers when a new event is created.


Create LeadCreate a new lead.
Add a Lead to a CampaignAdd a lead to a campaign.
Create Custom ObjectCreate a new custom object (of the type you choose).
Add a Contact to a CampaignAdd a contact to a campaign.
Create ContactCreate a new contact.
Validate EmailValidates an email.
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Update OpportunityUpdate an existing opportunity.
Create Case CommentCreate a new comment on a case.
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