NeverBounce Review:

Is It The Right Email Validation Tool For You?

Wondering if NeverBounce is right for you? Read our review to learn everything you need to know about this email validation tool – and how it stacks up against competitors.

If many of your emails are bouncing, there’s no doubt your list needs a scrub. It’s not fun to think about your database decaying as you work so hard to grow it. But on average, about 25% of it dies every year.

And did you know that your bounce rate is one of the critical metrics determining your ability to reach the inbox? Your email deliverability takes a hit when your bounce rate is 2% or higher. Mailbox providers can direct your emails to the spam folder or block you altogether.

If you’re experiencing this problem and are looking for ways to fix it, you may have come across NeverBounce. It’s a popular email list cleaning service that promises to reduce your bounce rate and help your emails land in the inbox.

But is it the right email validation tool for you?

Below, we examine all the details—accuracy, features, speed, pricing, and customer support—to give you the full picture.

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What is NeverBounce?

NeverBounce is an email validation tool helping 125,000 companies check their email lists to improve email deliverability and campaign performance. NeverBounce offers bulk and real-time email verification and integrates with more than 80 platforms.

In 2019, NeverBounce changed ownership but continuously operated under the name “NeverBounce.”

An overview of NeverBounce

NeverBounce was founded by Brad Owen in 2013, in Beachwood, Ohio. The email verification software was designed for “companies that send large email blasts” to “weed out bad email addresses.”

NeverBounce was acquired by DiscoverOrg (now ZoomInfo) in 2019 and is currently based in Vancouver, Washington.

NeverBounce offers three tools:

  • Clean: bulk email list cleaning
  • Verify: real-time email verification
  • Sync: automated list cleaning.

NeverBounce features

Next, let’s take a closer look at NeverBounce’s features and understand how the email validation tool helps you keep a healthy list.

NeverBounce provides two ways for you to maintain good email hygiene:

  • bulk email validation
  • real-time email verification.

NeverBounce Clean: Bulk email validation

If you have an email list that’s giving you trouble, bulk email validation is the way to go. This feature – which NeverBounce calls “Clean” – allows you to check emails in bulk by uploading your list onto the platform.

NeverBounce may not detect abuse emails

NeverBounce identifies invalid email addresses, spam traps, catch-all emails, and disposable emails. However, the company doesn’t disclose whether its software can detect toxic domains and abuse emails (known complainers likely to report your emails as spam).

Want to see a one-on-one comparison between NeverBounce and ZeroBounce?

NeverBounce Verify: Real-time email verification

It’s important that a list verification service also provides real-time email validation. Any form is a potential way for bad data to leak into your email database. So, once you’ve cleaned your list in bulk and got rid of existing poor-quality data, you want to make sure it doesn’t reinfect your list.

How the API works

NeverBounce makes it easy to check emails in real time by providing an email validation API – a product NeverBounce markets as “Verify.” You can hook the Verify API to all your registration and sign-up forms to prevent fake and invalid contacts from getting on your list.

Learn more about the ZeroBounce email validation API

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NeverBounce Sync: automated list cleaning

Let’s say you just cleaned your email list in bulk and want to make sure no invalid emails find their way into your database again.

Clean your data daily

NeverBounce Sync allows you to automate the real-time email verification process and save time. You can connect Sync to your email service provider and rest assured that your data is cleaned daily.

NeverBounce accuracy and reliability

Accuracy is paramount when selecting an email list verification service.

Your email database should be free of problematic or defunct email addresses. At the same time, you don’t want an email checker to misidentify a valid email address as one you should part with.

99.9% accuracy

On its website, NeverBounce claims its email validation tool is 99.9% accurate. The company also promises a 97% deliverability rate. You can get your money back if more than 3% of your emails bounce after your list cleaning.

NeverBounce speed and performance

Speed varies for large volumes

By most accounts, NeverBounce is a service with a decent speed. However, according to its website, the NeverBounce email validation tool's speed varies greatly when processing large volumes of emails. Ten thousand emails take three to ten minutes to complete, meaning 100,000 emails could take quite a while.

Data protection and security at NeverBounce

As data processors, email validation services must adhere to strict data security and protection protocols. NeverBounce’s communication on this topic is minimal.

The company's website mentions that it prioritizes data protection and security by maintaining its operational and data processing systems in a secure environment. It uses administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect customer personal data from unauthorized access.

GDPR compliant

NeverBounce is GDPR compliant and reviews its internal protocols and third-party relationships to establish comprehensive policies governing data security, encryption, and data transfers. Furthermore, NeverBounce adheres to both the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield and the Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks.

NeverBounce pricing and value

Both ZeroBounce and NeverBounce allow you to try the service for free – but there are some differences.

Only 10 free credits

NeverBounce allows you to check 10 email addresses to try it out. On the other hand, ZeroBounce provides 100 free email credits each and every month. Someone with a beginning list can use the service every month until the list expands beyond 100 subscribers. For small lists under 100, ZeroBounce’s pricing is superior. There is no cost.

Another critical difference is that NeverBounce credits expire after one year, while ZeroBounce credits never expire.

When it comes to the paid service, NeverBounce’s pricing is upfront and easy to understand. The company classifies its cost structures into three tiers. On the low volume end, it sells 1,000 credits for $8, while 2 million credits will cost $4,000.

ZeroBounce also offers accessible and easy-to-understand pricing. ZeroBounce requires a purchase of at least 2,000 credits, which is $18. The company gives you a pay-as-you-go option, in case you need to clean your list just one time. But also, you can get a subscription and save money every month on email validation.

At certain credit plans, ZeroBounce and NeverBounce cost the same, but one is sometimes more cost-effective than the other. For instance, at higher credit volumes, like 100,000 or 1 million+, ZeroBounce will save you money.

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NeverBounce interface and integrations

Intuitive UI

NeverBounce’s interface is clean, simple, and easy to use. The UI is intuitive, and you quickly understand what the email validation tool can do for you.

If you want to save time and automate your list cleaning, NeverBounce gives you what you need. You can readily integrate NeverBounce on your website with the JavaScript Widget, a webhook, or Zapier. Also you can customize an integration to best fit your needs, depending on the platform.

NeverBounce customer support

Validating your email list shouldn’t be a hassle. With a modern platform, you’ll be able to upload your list or install the API yourself.

But if you hit any snags while navigating through these email validation tools, you want to be able to reach a reliable support team – and not an “away” message.

No support available

That’s what happened when we tested the NeverBounce chatbox. At first, the bot let us know it was trying to connect us with someone on the NeverBounce team. But within seconds, we learned that none of the customer support representatives were available.

We tried the chatbox on another day, during business hours, and got the same response.

Next, we called NeverBounce’s toll-free number, but our calls went unanswered, with the option to leave a voicemail.

NeverBounce community feedback

Customers say: 3.4 out of 5 stars

When trying to pick an email validation tool like NeverBounce, you may want to know what other users have to say about it.

But there aren’t enough reviews of NeverBounce to get a good sense of what features users like and dislike. For whatever reason, customers have not felt compelled to review the service.

On Trustpilot, for instance, NeverBounce has only four reviews, with users giving the service an average of 3.4 stars out of five stars. NeverBounce has no presence on the G2 review platform.

NeverBounce alternatives and competitors

There are so many email validation tools on the market that it can be difficult to differentiate them all. The most popular services include ZeroBounce and Kickbox.

How does NeverBounce stack up?

NeverBounce is comparable to the majority of email verification tools on the market. It might be enough if you’re just looking to clean a database. However, improving email deliverability entails so much more than using a clean email list.

For instance, Google and Yahoo’s new email sending rules enforce email authentication. If you go with a service like NeverBounce, you will need to find a different service to authenticate your emails with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. Such tools are now a must for email marketers who want to get results.

As opposed to NeverBounce, an email verification platform like ZeroBounce provides additional tools like inbox placement testing, blacklist monitoring, and email finding. You may find yourself searching for these tools and will definitely need to address email authentication if you haven’t already.

If you’re looking for minimal, NeverBounce may work for you, but you’ll need to supplement with other email deliverability services.

It’s hard to find a service like ZeroBounce that offers email verification, email scoring, email authentication, blacklist monitoring, email deliverability tools, and an email finder – all under one umbrella.

ZeroBounce features

Aside from email list validation, ZeroBounce helps you take care of other email deliverability aspects such as inbox testing, email server configuration, blacklist monitoring, and email authentication.

Here’s a quick overview of ZeroBounce’s features and how they work to make your email marketing campaigns better.

Bulk and real-time email validation tools

With more than 350,000 users worldwide, ZeroBounce’s email validation tool is one of the most popular. ZeroBounce provides 99% email verification accuracy and also offers a money-back guarantee.

In addition to all the email types NeverBounce detects, ZeroBounce identifies toxic domains and abuse emails to help you keep a low spam complaint rate. Its email validation service can identify more than 30 types of emails that can affect your email deliverability.

ZeroBounce also offers a real-time email validation API. Once connected to your forms, the API starts checking incoming emails almost instantly, rejecting bad data before it slips in.

If your email list grows fast, our bulk email validation API saves you time and energy—all you need to do is program it, and it will run daily checks to detect any subpar contacts.

Bulk and real-time email validation tools

ZeroBounce’s software validates at a speed of 100,000 email addresses in about 45 minutes. This means the email validation tool checks a little more than 37 emails per second.

Fun fact:

Did you know that ZeroBounce has validated more than 24 billion emails? That’s three times the population of Earth.

ZeroBounce provides additional tools to help you improve your email performance and ROI. From email deliverability testing to blacklist monitoring and email finding, ZeroBounce is a multi-tool ally for your email marketing team.

Check Yahoo-related addresses with Verify+ from ZeroBounce

As opposed to NeverBounce, ZeroBounce also ensures the highest accuracy on the verification of Yahoo-related email addresses. The Verify+ feature checks disabled Yahoo, AOL, and Verizon emails to help you prevent bounces. Verify+ is free of charge for all customers using ZeroBounce’s email validation tool.

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Email scoring

ZeroBounce was the first company to introduce a more reliable way to validate catch-all emails. Returning scores that range from 0 to 10, ZeroBounce’s email scoring tool gives you more confidence about the potential validity of catch-all emails – otherwise impossible to verify accurately via traditional methods.

Activity Data

A handy tool for marketers and sales professionals, Activity Data lets you gain insight into your prospects’ inbox activity. Using one credit per contact, you can find out when a certain subscriber was last active in their inbox within the last year.

Email deliverability tools

ZeroBounce’s email server tester pinpoints any misconfigurations so you can be sure your mail server is set up correctly. The inbox placement tester allows you to test your emails before sending them to see whether they will land in the inbox. ZeroBounce’s blacklist monitoring tool alerts you if your IP or domain have been blocked so you can take action.

Email authentication tools

As of 2024, Google and Yahoo enforced email authentication for all companies and individuals sending more than 5,000 daily emails. ZeroBounce’s SPF, DKIM, and DMARC generators help you authenticate your domains, while the DMARC monitoring feature provides real-time spoofing and hacking alerts.

Email finding

ZeroBounce’s award-winning email validation tool helps you get your emails to the inbox. But what if you need to find a certain email address first? In 2023, ZeroBounce added an email finder to its suite of tools. Using the 99% accurate email validator to check every contact, ZeroBounce’s email finder gathers email contacts in real time and delivers only valid results.

Data security at ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce is dedicated to protecting customer data through robust security protocols. But the company’s data protection framework stands out, including strict encryption standards, continuous system monitoring, and rigorous internal audits. This commitment has resulted in notable certifications and accreditations:

  • GDPR: Ensures customer data is managed according to EU regulations.
  • SOC 2 Type 2: This framework evaluates ZeroBounce at regular intervals, ensuring it meets criteria like data security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.
  • ISO/IEC 27001: ZeroBounce’s compliance to this international standard ensures comprehensive data security management.
  • PCI: Protects financial data during transactions, including firewalls, antivirus tools, and regular threat assessments.
  • HIPAA: Meets U.S. health data security standards.
  • CCPA: Complies with California’s consumer privacy regulations.
  • Data Privacy Framework (DPF): ZeroBounce complies with this set of regulations (EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Data Privacy Framework) that provide companies with the mechanisms to transfer personal data securely during transatlantic commerce.

Read more about ZeroBounce’s certifications and accreditations and see why its data security framework has earned ZeroBounce a reputation of being the most secure email validation and verification platform.

ZeroBounce interface and integrations

ZeroBounce uses a fresh, modern, and easy-to-navigate interface. When you log in to the dashboard, you’ll have many options to choose from. That’s because ZeroBounce offers a variety of tools, from email deliverability to email finding.

Also, ZeroBounce integrates with your favorite platforms – either directly or via Zapier. Wherever you collect email addresses, you can hook the ZeroBounce email validation API to your forms and have every new sign-up checked in real time, with 99% accuracy.

ZeroBounce keeps the lines of communication open. Logging into the user portal automatically launches the customer support chatbox. No matter what day or time you log in, a live member of the support team is available to walk you through anything.

ZeroBounce customer support

When compared to NeverBounce, ZeroBounce’s customer support couldn’t be more different. In fact, ZeroBounce is known for its responsive and high-quality customer support. But to make sure, we tested it again, and the chatbox connected us to a live person in seconds. One of ZeroBounce’s experts answered a technical question with links to supporting documentation.

Finally, we tested ZeroBounce’s phone line during business hours, and a live person answered in seconds.

ZeroBounce customer reviews

ZeroBounce has 4.7 out of five stars on Trustpilot and more than 1,000 reviews. Customers commonly praise the accuracy of the email validation tool and the support team for their expertise and responsiveness.

On G2, ZeroBounce has 427 reviews, earning an average of 4.5 out of five stars. The majority of the reviews approve of the support ZeroBounce provided and the user interface.

Fast facts on NeverBounce and ZeroBounce:

NeverBounce is a notable email verification service with 125,000 users, founded in 2013 and acquired by ZoomInfo in 2019.

It offers three main tools: Clean (bulk email list cleaning), Verify (real-time email verification), and Sync (automated list cleaning).

The NeverBounce service identifies risky contacts like invalid, abandoned, spam traps, catch-all, and disposable emails but does not disclose if it detects abuse emails or toxic domains.

You can integrate real-time verification with NeverBounce into your forms via Zapier or a custom API, which is crucial for preventing bad data entry.

NeverBounce's usability is one of its draws. It has a clean, simple interface and easy integration options, including a JavaScript Widget and webhook.

NeverBounce claims up to 99.9% accuracy. In comparison, ZeroBounce guarantees 99% accuracy and provides additional data-appending services.

ZeroBounce credits never expire, while NeverBounce credits expire after one year.

Speed and Performance: ZeroBounce processes 100,000 emails in about 45 minutes, while NeverBounce's speed varies, with 10,000 emails taking three to ten minutes.

Pricing: Both services offer free trials, with NeverBounce offering only 10 free checks and ZeroBounce providing 100 free credits monthly. NeverBounce's pricing is tiered, starting at $8 for 1,000 credits, while ZeroBounce starts at $18 for 2,000 credits. ZeroBounce is competitive with all the leading services, including NeverBounce.

Customer support: ZeroBounce has a much higher rating on Trustpilot and G2, with positive feedback on quality and customer support, while NeverBounce has fewer reviews and a lower average rating. NeverBounce offers sporadic support, while you can reach ZeroBounce 24/7. ZeroBounce has an abundance of customer reviews on a variety of review websites.

The market is crowded with email validation tools. ZeroBounce offers a comprehensive suite of tools including email authentication, necessary for email marketers to comply with new email sending rules from Google and Yahoo.

NeverBounce is a viable choice for someone who needs a basic email verification tool. But NeverBounce’s features are bare-bones. Plus, if you run into a snag, reaching a live support representative at NeverBounce may be difficult.

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The benefits of using an email validation tool

Email marketing is as powerful as ever, with 40% of consumers saying they check their inboxes looking for brand discounts. But that’s the thing: you need to be in the inbox to make a sale. And using a clean, valid email list to avoid bounces is one of the ways you get there.

A good email validation tool gives you benefits like:

  • A better sender reputation, which is a score mailbox providers use to determine whether you’re a legitimate sender
  • Higher email deliverability and a chance to connect with real prospects
  • An increase in metrics such as click rates and conversions.

Email validation will also decrease costs. As email service providers charge based on the number of subscribers and the number of emails sent, keeping invalid and inactive contacts is a waste.

Email validation can rehabilitate a decaying list and prevent a good email list from unraveling.

In one instance, our customer MediaShares, a company that consults with companies to market investment shares, was able to salvage its list. What started as out-of-control email bounces ended in a 0% bounce rate after MediaShares used ZeroBounce. Fixing and preserving your list means you can enjoy better email marketing results.

Frequently asked questions

NeverBounce is an email validation tool that helps marketers verify the accuracy of their email lists. NeverBounce is similar to other email verification services like ZeroBounce, Kickbox, Clearout, and Bouncer.

NeverBounce is a service used to identify invalid email addresses to remove them from an email database to maintain good email hygiene.

Depending on what you’re looking for, NeverBounce could be a solution to validate emails in bulk and in real time. However, it is a stripped-down approach to email validation, with competitors like ZeroBounce offering an entire suite of additional tools.

Clean NeverBounce is a bulk email validation service you can use to upload and check an entire email list. Verify NeverBounce is an email validation API that you can connect to any forms so it will check email addresses in real-time.

Although each customer may have differing opinions, ZeroBounce has more and better reviews on software review platforms. In areas like customer support, ZeroBounce is far ahead of NeverBounce.

An email validation tool is software that helps you identify invalid or harmful email addresses to improve your email deliverability. Sending emails to risky email addresses and getting bounces can decrease the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

Anyone who uses email for business purposes, especially newsletters or promotional emails, must use an email verifier. Professionals who rely on cold email outreach can also benefit from an email checker.

When picking an email validation software, you should consider accuracy, speed, pricing, and ease of use. Also, be certain that the service you select has good reviews and complies with data privacy laws.

In general, every other month is a good rule of thumb. Some lists would benefit from more frequent email maintenance. You shouldn’t validate your lists any less than quarterly.