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Top 5 Articles for Email Marketing Beginners

If you haven’t used email marketing yet, we are glad you are planning to start. We’ve talked about its benefits, and you are most likely convinced this form of communication is going to boost your business. There are a few things, though, that any marketer wishes they knew as they dived into email marketing. We are here to share those tips and tricks that will help you be more confident before you start.

Our most useful articles for email marketing beginners

Three Ways to Create A Stellar Newsletter

There are several things you can send to your email list, and newsletters are the best to begin with. Unlike a traditional marketing email, the purpose of a newsletter is to inform and educate rather than promote your business directly. If you are not sure how to create a newsletter that engages your subscribers, follow our top 3 strategies in the article above.

How to Grow Your Email List

This is something any marketer is interested in, whether they’ve just started or they’ve been focusing on their email list for a while. There are numerous tactics to increase the number of your subscribers, and we suggest you give them all a try and see which one returns the best results.

The Benefits of Email Validation

Remember that any list, big or small, will deteriorate in time. To be more precise, 30% of the email addresses you gather will no longer be valid in a year, due to people changing jobs and providers. Add to that spam traps, email abusers, catch-all and toxic domains, and you will have a messy list that is going to hurt your sender reputation. Learn more about the benefits of email verification in the article above.

Little Gestures That Go A Long Way With Your Subscribers

These are things we’ve personally tested and we noticed what a difference they’ve made in our relationship with our subscribers. They are based on the values we’ve built our brand on and have returned impressive results over time. People will appreciate you talking to them, instead of talking at them, and will be happy to see you are not treating them as mere customers.

Happy emailing and good luck!


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