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Three Ways to Create A Stellar Newsletter

About half of the emails a person receives every day are marketing newsletters. And the open rates are around 30 percent, while the average click-through rates are only 3.2 percent in all industries. These statistics from the Radicati Group may seem harsh, but they’re accurate.

So how do you stand out in the crowded world of online marketing? How do you create a newsletter that delivers results?

Here are a few golden rules that will help you reach a bigger audience and strengthen your connection with your customers.

How to create a great newsletter


Send fantastic content

This is rule number one, whether you run a lifestyle blog or a company that sells construction materials. “Content is king” is the most common thing you hear among creative people, and there’s a reason for that. It’s been tested and proven, and remains the key to any successful project. From a post on social media to a newsletter that can change the way you do business.

So do your best: create original, quality content that people can get something out of. Come up with solutions to problems you think your readers might have. They’ll love you for that and this will improve your open and click-through rates, and your ROI.

Avoid turning your newsletter into a sales offer. It takes effort and time to build trust, but these are the two best things you’ll ever invest in your business.

Be generous in your newsletter. Give more than you receive. Eventually, you’ll receive more than you expected.

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Encourage your readers to respond to your newsletter

New media was a huge game-changer in that it completely altered the way we talk to each other. A newspaper or magazine used to publish their articles and never really know what readers thought about them. A company used to send out a promotional message without knowing exactly how people felt about it.

Things are so different in 2017.

Within minutes, you can see how good of a job you’ve done. Whether you write an article on your blog or you send out an email, you get real-time feedback.

One-way communication is dead.

There are valuable tools people have access to nowadays to give us feedback on our work. Make the most of these tools.

Ask your customers what their opinion is about a certain topic that you cover in your newsletter. Invite them to engage with you. Instead of treating them as mere spectators of your marketing campaign, allow them to become participants in a meaningful virtual conversation.

Make sure your grammar is impeccable and your graphics are eye-candy

The way you write your copy says a lot about your brand. Bad grammar and sloppy graphics can make a tremendously negative impact on your reputation. So, make sure you have enough time to write your copy and proofread it before you hit the Send button.

You feel like you can’t do it yourself? Hire a professional to make sure your newsletter looks great. Superb writing and graphics make you want to stop and look. And click.

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Use an email validator to check your list

The tips above will help you craft better newsletters, but first, you want to know your message arrives safely in your subscribers’ inboxes. This is where ZeroBounce steps in to give you a hand.

Let’s say you’ve worked hard to create a stellar newsletter. You’re excited to send it out, but where does it really go?

Are you sure all the email addresses you gathered are valid?

What if some of them are not, and what if some recipients will mark your email as spam and affect your sender reputation?

ZeroBounce can tell you all this in a matter of minutes and thus keep you on the right path in your business communication.

What ZeroBounce does for you

As an email validation system, ZeroBounce cleans up your email list and ensures deliverability. It eliminates invalid email addresses and prevents your emails from bouncing.

Also, ZeroBounce can detect an email address that has a history of marking newsletters as spam, and will advise you to stay away from it. More than that, it helps you know your customers better.


By determining the first and last name of the email account owner, their location and the age of the email address, and append all that to your list. This information is important and will come in handy when you’re ready to run better targeted campaigns.

Signing up for a ZeroBounce account is easy and comes with 100 free email validation credits every month.